March 25, 2023

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TMW RADIO – Science: “Turin, it’s absurd not to have even an Italian in this field”

to intervene Radio TMWduring Maracanawas Mr. Joseph Science. These are his words on the subject of Italian youth: “We have strong incubators, and we are reluctant to let them play. We want the young man to be ready right away, never to be wrong, and instead to be expected. There are more pressures compared to other parts of Europe. In Europe, The young man is 16-17, we are also 22, we are light years behind some things.We have strong guys, Mancini launched clear messages, also fired the guys who were in the second division we should do each other differently or eat the others In our heads. I grew up in Turin nursery. It doesn’t make sense that Toro doesn’t even have an Italian on the pitch. The big players It was Inter that gave more Italians the other day, just think a little. I didn’t watch Torino the other day for that very reason. The youth sector has made its strength over the years and not even the incredible Italian has been involved. Why is this happening? There is a strong belief from those who drive inte economic rents dedicated to something else, no more investments in structures. Then there is the big competition with Juventus, which has invested A lot in the alum sector Father. We are trying to chase after Juve, even before he had no money but he had ideas. In twenty years, we hear more about the youth sector in Turin, which was a pioneer in Italy. Why don’t fans ask themselves this question anymore? You also give Juric some good Italian players, he knows how to boost them.”

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