Folgiero, to transfer defense technologies to the civilian sector

Folgiero, to transfer defense technologies to the civilian sector

(ANSA) – Trieste, May 30 – Making technologies currently used in the defense trade for the civilian sector. It is one of the objectives that Fincantieri’s CEO, Pierroberto Folgiero, has in mind, as he himself expressed today in a webinar organized by the Institute of International Affairs (IAI) “Italy and the enlarged Mediterranean and the underwater sphere”.

To achieve this goal, Folgiero intends to create a “positive driving force” with the Navy in order to make defense technologies interesting for the civilian market.

“Innovation is not an invention but connecting the dots, joining things that actually work – explained the CEO – Fincantieri sees in the first row the ability of the Italian Navy to validate new technologies and export them to the civilian sector”. Folgero has not forgotten the fact that “compared to the past, in today’s world there can be paths in the opposite direction”, so “Fincantieri’s great ambition is to represent the great demands of the military in the civil and the civil in the military and the second but this is also the great task of the national underwater pole”. “Innovation must be accelerated and the Navy is an industrial partner and has the leadership to validate these technologies.” The idea of ​​a pole means, for Folgero, “a single table that selects strategic projects but is open to the defense industry, to those who have operational needs and also to all the large orders that come from those who have expertise of a different nature but that does not mean that they do not have the technological skills and the ability to direct their heads.” money in this direction. Hope is “a physical and logical place that serves as a point of accumulation for the requirements and capital that is an effective accelerator and validator for this technology.” Example? “Fintech is a place where financial operators and technology operators meet. Let’s think of ‘SeaTech’ or ‘MarTech’ as ​​a physical and logical place where the capital and requirements of both defense companies and neighboring companies are brought in.”

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