Euro down. Focus on inflation in the Federal Reserve and the United States

Euro down.  Focus on inflation in the Federal Reserve and the United States

(Teleborsa) – The Milan Stock Exchange is experiencing a sharp decline, while the major European stock exchanges declined more moderately. Investor sentiment is affected by concerns aboutThe monetary position of the Federal Reserve: I will post tomorrow Minutes .’s last meeting Fomc From the US central bank, while the next day, Thursday the 13th, it will be the turn ofinflation in the states united in September. Market discounts headed by the institute Powell He will raise interest rates again by 75 basis points next month.

In the currency market, there is no significant change in the EUR / USD, which is trading on the eve of 0.9712. Gold continues the session at the levels of the previous day, recording a divergence of +0.03%. Oil (light sweet crude oil) is down and is trading at $90.14 a barrel, down 1.08%.

Significant aggravation of the spread, which comes to +238 basis points, up 14 basis points, while the return on the 10-year loan basis is 4.67%.

Among the indices of the euro The moderate contraction of Frankfurt, which is down 0.39%, while London was quiet as it showed a deposit ratio of 0.66%; Disappointing Paris, falling below levels tonight. Negative sign for Milan List, in a session marked by heavy sales, as the FTSE MIB index showed a decline of 1.20%; On the same line, FTSE Italia All-Share is moving in the opposite direction, sliding to 22,475 points.

Top ranking of the most important titles In Milan we find Prysmian (+ 2.35%), DiaSorin (+ 1.74%), Campari (+ 1.73%) and Recordati (+ 0.93%).

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On the other hand, the worst performer was recorded on Banco BPM, with a score of -4.24%.

Letter on BPER which posted a huge drop of 3.64%.

And under pressure from Unicredit, which is accusing it of a drop of 2.85%.

ENI slips, with an apparent defect of 2.55%.

Top middle stock ranking Milano, Savelo (+3.53%), Brembo (+1.72%), Bff Bank (+ 1.48%), Intercos (+ 1.42%).

On the other hand, the worst deals were recorded on Saras which got -3.32%.

Ray Way is down 3.25%.

Webuild collapsed, down 2.82%.

In red Mfe B, which shows a significant decrease of 1.93%.

between data Related macroeconomics:

Tuesday 11/10/2022
01:50 Japan: Current Items (expect 122 billion yen; 229 billion previous advances)
08:00 United kingdom: Jobless claims (4.2K units expected; 6.3K units previously)
08:00 United kingdom: Unemployment rate (expected 3.6%; previous 3.6%)
10:00 Italia: Industrial Production, MoM (expected 0.2%; previous 0.5%)
10:00 Italia: Industrial Production, Annualized (expected -0.4%; previous -1.3%).

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