Researchers tell us what the best drink is to take the medicine

Researchers tell us what the best drink is to take the medicine

How do you take the medicine? Be careful with what you mix with it!@jcomp

More and more people should do it Take medicine, from children to the elderly. This happens because Countless Diseases Who live among us. However, thanks to these chemistsWe can live more dignified and last longer. Today we will explain How to take the medicine Because the effects it can have on our health can vary depending on the way we eat it.

Among these considerations, there is a detail that often goes unnoticedIt is recommended to take the tablets with a glass of water. Although many believe that any liquid is sufficient, A comprehensive study conducted in Saudi Arabia in 2021 reveals that this practice is necessary to ensure the effectiveness of medications.

Several researchers have examined the interaction between five common drugs (Fevadol, Solpadeine, Relaxone, Artiz and Bofine(With five different drinks)coca cola, Arabic coffee, whey, orange juice, and energy drink). They compared the disintegration time of each drug when mixed with water at different temperatures (5 degrees Celsius and 37 degrees Celsius).

Take the medicine with water

The key is dissociation

The results were confirmedThe importance of taking the tablets with water, The decay time increased significantly with other drinks compared to water. Disintegration is crucial, because it precedes dissolution of the drug, Which allows it to be absorbed and activated in the body.

especially, Soft drinks such as sodas pose an additional risk. Carbonic acid contained in these drinks becauseAcidic pH can interfere with the absorption of some substances Drugs.

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Depending on the drug, this interaction may lead to excessive absorptionWhich leads to potential toxic situations, or decreased absorption, Reducing its beneficial effects.

The conclusion is clear: To ensure the effectiveness and safety of medicines, it isIt is necessary to follow the recommendation to take the tablets with a glass of water. This practice not only makes swallowing easier, but also easier It contributes to determining the appropriate decay timeThis ensures that the medicine is available to the body when it is needed. A simple glass of water can make a difference in treatment and overall health.

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