Chiropractic for physical and mental well-being: history and benefits of an unexplored science –

Chiropractic for physical and mental well-being: history and benefits of an unexplored science –

Chiropractic benefits between well-being and performance improvement

Chiropractors take care of the well-being of a disease-free person who wants to remain in good shape: for this reason, through spinal manipulation, he removes spinal dislocations or blocks and stresses that cause us pain and helps our bodies to relieve pain and also to function better.

“In Italy, people discover chiropractic treatment especially when they suffer from pain, from headaches to common back pain, but in fact, everyone should regularly go to a chiropractor to improve the well-being of their bodies – says Dr. Federico Distefano – chiropractic does not work. Not only on physical well-being but also on mental well-being and cognitive performance: it improves attention and memory, helps you sleep better and even improves digestion.Just think of athletes who improve their performance or celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Barack Obama who rely on chiropractic to stay in good health “.

Future goals: Spreading chiropractic on national and European territory

Revealing the topic on social networks, Dr. Federico Distefano aims to spread knowledge of chiropractic among young people and all those who want to take care of their body and mind, and will tell about their work and the benefits of this comprehensive treatment science.

“So far, I have an active study in Rome and visit Milan and Cremona but I would like to increase the number of offices in the country by activating franchising studios in various Italian cities including Naples, Turin, Bologna and Florence, and also expand my studies in the rest of the European lands,” says Dr. Federico Distefano.

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Federico DiStefano, Chiropractor talks about the world of chiropractic as a science at the service of the body’s well-being

The history of chiropractic abroad, namely in the United States, began at the end of the nineteenth century with the intuition of David Daniel Palmer, who defined the subject of chiropractic as “the philosophy, art, and science of natural things: a method of adjusting the vertebrae of the spine with two hands to correct the cause of the discomfort ” .

Chiropractic, in fact, is that comprehensive medical science is complementary to traditional medicine that approaches the patient’s health from a physical, biochemical and emotional point of view and analyzes imbalances in the musculoskeletal system and their effects on the nervous system, allowing the body to self-regenerate, to heal and to make our bodies more resistant For diseases such as influences. Even the word chiropractic actually explains the essence of the science itself: it derives from two Greek terms, ker (hand) and praxis (practice) and literally means practice performed through the hands.

And although in the collective imagination, a chiropractor is a professional who turns to him to be “fixed” only in the event of neck pain or back pain, in reality his intervention affects the whole body.

“I started getting interested in chiropractic at a very young age when I found myself having to deal with my personal physical pain after a heavy blow to the back I suffered during a rugby match. After solving my problem and seeing a chiropractor, I became passionate about this science and graduated and specialized in the sector. – As Federico Distefano says – The founding principle of chiropractic is that our body is a living organism capable of self-regulation and healing on its own..This innate ability to self-heal is due to the nervous system in its optimal function.For precisely this reason, going to a chiropractor regularly It can help prevent potential problems and help our bodies recover, survive, and improve their health.”

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And if chiropractic continues to be known above all in the world of sport for improving one’s physical and cognitive performance and as a practice also used by the most famous athletes such as Usain Bolt, Marcel Jacobs and Michael Jordan, it is in fact medical science for all. Democracy and it must accompany us to allow our bodies to express their full potential.

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