Di Maria is waiting long, but Juventus is still waiting. While David Neres… | first page

Di Maria is waiting long, but Juventus is still waiting.  While David Neres… |  first page

Days pass and nothing changes. At least for now. Because the warning given by Juventus to Angel Di Maria did not actually have an expiration date, but it will soon expire. However, the Argentine does not want to be in a hurry to make a final decision, waiting for a transfer from Barcelona. So Juventus is waiting and Di Maria is waiting too. With an ally of Juventus, who is also the most reliable opponent: Barcelona itself. Because Argentina’s agents scored an opening opportunity from FC Blaugrana, Xavi would technically welcome him with open arms. But Barcelona’s current situation prevents any concrete action, the priorities are other (still on the waiting list among officials as well as various Casey and Christensen) and each maneuver of Robert Lewandowski will have the main objective, and the calculator is at hand even when this is possible. When made, the bid will still be (much) less than that of Juventus. So Di Maria’s musings continue as Juventus wait for an answer. Wait a little, not for long, definitely not forever. And if he is still waiting, it is at the express request of Max Allegri, who does not want to abandon the idea of ​​​​training Di Maria. alternative – In the meantime, work on alternatives is progressing more and more. There are many names under consideration, differing in terms of investment and characteristics. With a gradual warm-up. It’s David Neres: if Shakhtar has not yet been officially contacted and is highly rated having only bought it from Ajax last January, it is his agent Giuliano Bertolucci who is stepping up contacts with Juventus. Which put Benfica on standby as well, which seemed to be one step away from the Brazilian winger, although the bid by the Portuguese club was still very low according to the evaluation of the Ukrainian bid. Plan B is among Juventus’ many plans, but Neres’ plan is a profile that is increasingly talked about in Continassa.

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