Dybala, Juventus took a stand, moved to United nor Dybala

Dybala, Juventus took a stand, moved to United nor Dybala

If a break does happen, then surely everyone is to blame. On the one hand, the company can certainly move more in advance so as not to lose the player in a free transfer, perhaps by looking for buyers, and on the other hand the player can show more love for the shirt he honored with seven years. He gave her a lot for years, but he also got a lot from her.

Relinquishing United and Nou Dybala Dybala has always wanted to stay at Juventus and even in the past he outsourced it, as many remember, but perhaps they don’t know that Juventus had already long ago reached an agreement to sell Dybala to Manchester United, a sale almost to even Romelu Lukaku. History tells us that at the time of lockdown Dybala refused and eventually Bella made an agreement with Inter. It was the most important occasion when Juve decided to give up his number ten.

From there a long ‘push and pull’ of the contract materialized in nothing but the tension that eventually led to the separation between the parties who decided, by mutual agreement, but perhaps not so much, to separate.

right width – We can blame Juventus for the systematic attitude, because he proposed a salary of 8 million plus bonuses and did not suggest anything, not even a 6/7 plus bonus, but what did Dybala do in recent months to get a higher salary? Little or nothing, he’s played less than 60% of the matches and even if he’s decisive often, it hasn’t made as much of an impact as previously thought. If it was the first season with all these stops, one might think of an unfortunate season, but in the third season in a row, some doubts arise and above all, it is legitimate not to throw a cross at those who decided not to invest 100 million euros in the player who did not even give Now the right physical guarantees.

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The feeling is that Juventus have taken a reasonable position, or we don’t see it, according to current standards and that Dybala said no, given other values, but above all considered himself still a great player and may have forgotten Juve’s gratitude. The club introduced him to him in recent years.

From this story they all came out a little defeated, Juventus does not invest in the sale, Dybala leaves the team he won everything with, but he will certainly console himself with millions of other companies, we will see any company, if he chooses the Nerazzurri maybe he will get a higher signature but he will lose millions of fans.

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