Tim, The Vivendi Charter to Ward Off Network Marketing

Tim, The Vivendi Charter to Ward Off Network Marketing

Milan – After the formal request by three members of the Board of Directors promptly to the Board of Directors, and after the initiation of the procedure by the Nomination Committee, Telecom Italia Preparing to convene an extraordinary council to choose the fifteenth director. The meeting will be held on May 29, so before June 9 when a new meeting is expected Presentation of the network by KkrAnd before the meeting of the Board of Directors on the 22nd, which will be called at the end for approval.

Vivendifor the position left empty by the CEO of the French giant Arnaud de Boifontaine He referred to the 16th of last January Luciano Carta – Former Leonardo boss, formerly responsible corporate man From Aise, the external information and security agencyand the intelligence that replaced earthquakes In the 2007 – that would fulfill the requirements for independence.

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Written by Sarah Benifetz, Aldo Fontanarossa

the The Nominating Committee is chaired by Paolo Bonomo He was going to select two other candidates in order to put them to a vote with Carta, for cooperation.

Vivendi, Senior Contributor by Tim with 23.8% Of the company, he has long maintained that the sacrifice of the network, the most important telecom asset, is justified only in the face of a generous adjustment (estimated at 31 billion), but even Tim’s board has so far retained the 19 billion proposed by Kkr as “not enough”.

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If Carta is chosen before June 22, the balance in the Council may change, also because the President of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, Giovanni Giorno Tempini, He could not express himself on the network given that Cassa (9.9% of Tim’s shares and 60% of competitors Open the fiber) in a position of conflict of interest.

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by Aldo Fontanarossa

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