Hot chocolate, don’t just deprive yourself of calories: try this light version | It’s great but very light

Hot chocolate, don’t just deprive yourself of calories: try this light version |  It’s great but very light
Hot chocolate (Streetfoodnews)

Here’s a diet version of delicious hot chocolate. You will no longer have to deprive yourself of it and it will not make you gain even a single gram.

During this Christmas period there is no better solution than to have fun Delicious hot chocolate in company. However, it is now known that this explosion of sweetness is definitely high in calories Not ideal for those on a diet. However, what not everyone knows is that there is a light version, which is equally delicious but very light. Then you’ll finally be able to stop depriving yourself of it! Here are all the steps you will need to follow.

Hot chocolate It is a hot and sweet drink Able to make everyone happier and calmer. Enjoying it with a good movie, some blankets and your sweetie is definitely perfect.

If you can’t give it up even if you’ve already started a diet, This article will undoubtedly be for you. This is because there is a version of light hot chocolate It definitely won’t make you regret the original. Even the kids go crazy with this recipe and it only takes a few minutes of your time. What are you waiting for to make it happen right away? This convenient hot chocolate will become your favorite snack!

So here are the details Very few ingredients You will need to make this a delight.

Hot chocolate recipe ingredients

As if that wasn’t enough, this version of hot chocolate is so easy to make you won’t have to fuss with the stove at all. Very few ingredients you will need For this recipe they would be thus:

  • About 4 teaspoons of bitter cocoa powder;
  • 1 tablespoon cornstarch;
  • 2 teaspoons of erythritol or other sweetener;
  • 130 ml of partially skimmed milk.
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This way you’ll have everything you need to make the light version of classic hot chocolate. All we have to do is figure out how to move forward.

Hot chocolate (Streetfoodnews)

Just a few steps to this delicious treat

To get started, you will need to equip yourself with a cup into which you will pour all the ingredients just mentioned: Cocoa, milk, sweetener and cornstarch. At this point, mix them with the help of a spoon and put everything inside the microwave For two minutes. Then remove the cup and continue stirring for a few more seconds.

At this point, put the hot chocolate back in the microwave Continue cooking for 30 inches. Once you have the desired consistency, you can finally enjoy your delight while it is still hot. Even your guests will go crazy for it.

In short, make this version of hot chocolate right away This will not make you gain even a single gram!

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