An American drone operating on the Black Sea from Sigonella: “Reconnaissance mission off the coast of Crimea”

An American drone operating on the Black Sea from Sigonella: “Reconnaissance mission off the coast of Crimea”

An American drone carried out a reconnaissance mission overhead Black Seaoff the coast Crimeastarting with the American base Sigonella. News, it was re-launched before Rbc-UkraineService monitoring Flightradar 24confirms the ever-increasing use of this monitoring tool in conflict, including by allies child to Kyiv. The tracked plane, in particular, is RQ-4 Global Hawk UAVcapable of flying at speeds of up to 575 kilometers per hour And with autonomy 34 hours. I took off in the morning from the military base in American Navy located in Sicily Orientalthrough the airspace of several European countries on high 18,000 metres And headed to Black Sea.

Ukraine’s southern coast is one of the nerve centers of the conflict, all along CrimeaInformation on troop movements, logistics and military holdings is invaluable. From this point of view, the RQ-4 Global Hawk, produced by an American company Northrop GrummanIt can monitor up to 100,000 square kilometers of land within 24 hours, an area the size of South Korea or whoIceland. Its technical capabilities allow for more accurate weapon targeting and better protection of friendly forces. Not surprisingly, it is used to support military operations around the world.

the American spy planes They began to monitor the situation in Ukraine Before the start of the invasion, but after February 24, 2022 This business concept fails Intensification, even with flights departing from Sigonella. Reconnaissance activity is not without risk, as evidenced by the incident of last March 14: an American drone that had to collide in Black Sea After being intercepted and beaten by A.J Russian plane. An issue that raised fears of a very dangerous escalation between two nuclear powers. But in this case, the MQ-9 Reaper drone took off basis of NATO to copy Turziiin Romania.

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