“To benefit from solar energy, we will not have to run the washing machine at night.”

“To benefit from solar energy, we will not have to run the washing machine at night.”

What do you think about the debate on the end of fossil fuels at COP28?

We would like to move more quickly in the energy transition, because global political action is not consistent with the “house on fire” principle. The feeling is that “there is a risk of fire” and that’s it. Climate summits are positive. Although the results have been disappointing at times, world leaders’ reflection on the climate crisis for two weeks would put the issue back on the negotiating table. It is important.

So what is the solution?

What the summit says about the need to triple renewables is a good thing. But this is something that will happen anyway. Renewable energy sources are the cheapest option, and Europe is already betting on it. On the other hand, there are other measures to encourage decarbonisation but they have a cost and it is interesting that COP28 represents the agenda.

So, wouldn’t measures be needed to promote renewable energy sources?

Some yes. Such as reforms to stabilize prices and ensure promoters minimum return. Let them know that if they install a solar garden for 10 years, they will earn at least this amount. Therefore, they will not hesitate to submit projects.

To encourage self-consumption, what can be done?

In Spain, expand the two-kilometre limit so that self-consumption can be shared with more people. In France, it has already been extended to 20 kilometres.

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Why is this important?

It’s essential because you can take up your entire roof without fear, knowing that you’ll be able to make room for the energy you’re not using and the numbers will square off.

Can only people with money afford this?

not necessarily. If you extend the distance, you can break down the boundaries of neighborhoods and allow someone, without investment, to consume the energy produced on the roof of a single-family home. It’s supposed to be easy. We must bet on self-consumption, because the more we own, the less land we will occupy with wind and solar farms.

Will Spain have more solar energy than wind energy?

You have to find balance. Spain has a competitive advantage in solar energy, to get more sunlight. In the field of wind energy, we will only reach parity with other countries. We won’t beat them, but if we don’t build it, we won’t even break even. In solar, we will win the game.

Who wins today in Europe?

One of the poles is in the north: with offshore winds likely, many steel mills and data centers are being built there. The other pole should be here. Businesses will come because they will have guaranteed power at a reasonable price.

How do you imagine Spain 20 years from now?

We can be a major pole in the technology industry. Robotics, artificial intelligence and data center companies will set up shop here to consume renewable energy sources.

Will solar and wind power be enough?

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We’ll also need green hydrogen. Another important line will be biogas. We will need lithium batteries, of course.

It is planned to cover 2.5% of Catalonia’s area with power stations. Could it cause loss of habitat and biodiversity?

We have regulations that prohibit implementing projects in protected areas. It is the most viable option to prevent things from getting worse. I would like to use renewable energy sources without taking up space or building electrical networks, but this is the way out we have. It is reversible.

Will it be necessary to change habits?

In some ways, yes. The night washing is completed. We will have to take advantage of the solar time and put it in the daytime.

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