First the dedication to Lulu and then dinner with them!

First the dedication to Lulu and then dinner with them!

Manuel Bortuzzo, devotes himself to his girlfriend Lulu Selassiè, but then allows himself to dine with them!

Manuel Portozzo Don’t stop thinking Girlfriend of Lou Selassie Who will be able to embrace him in five days, namely on March 14, the day of the final Big Brother VIP 2021. More and more in love with the princess, Manuel officially started the countdown, and while waiting to be able to cuddle with her and start a new chapter of his life with her, he also allowed himself to have dinner with some people who excited the crowd.

Snapshot from the video

Manuel is sorely missing his still-criticized girlfriend Lulu inside the Big Brother Vip’s house, and has opted to write new love words for Selassie before indulging in an evening of entertainment.

Manuel Portozzo: Dedication and Protection for Lulu Selassiè and Dinner with the Knights

Since he left Big Brother Vape’s house in 2021, Manuel Portozzo He was always protecting his girlfriend lulu He also shows her all his love for her with important gestures. in front of many The criticism that Lulu continues to receive at home, especially from David Silvestri First of all and then from Barù, Manuel posted on Twitter a picture of their embrace, and wrote a very meaningful comment.

“Safe in my arms”he wrote Manuel By posting a hug picture from last November at a time when he was away from Lulu. After your dedication to him Lulu, who also defended Maria Monet’s attackManuel left for Milan with Aldo Montano, who will be Verissimo’s guest.

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With them there will also be Gianmaria Antinolfi, with whom they form the Three Musketeers. In fact, Aldo, Gianmaria and Manuel created a true and special friendship inside the Big Brother Vip house, and in Milan, the three friends met at the Antinolfi house. Also with them is Federica Calemme who started at home on a date with Gianmaria who after saying goodbye to both reality show turned into a true love story.

As you can see from the video above, Gianmaria, Manuel, Aldo and Federica allowed themselves a quiet evening at home to watch the new episode of the reality show, which airs tomorrow night, in prime time on Channel 5.

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