Men and women married, Sarah and Sonny: She is the bearer of the photo

Men and women married, Sarah and Sonny: She is the bearer of the photo

Sarah and Sonny marriage of men and women! A real twist for Maria De Filippi viewers, given that lately the two have caused a lot of talk about their relationship on and off again. They broke up a few times and then got back together. After quarrels and misunderstandings, the couple managed to find a meeting point and even get married!

the The wedding of Sarah El Shaimi and Sonny Di Meo It was celebrated on Sunday, March 5th in Rabat, Morocco. The former tronista for men and women is actually of Moroccan descent and decided to go back to his parents’ country to say yes to his former suitor. The wedding was celebrated in Moroccan rites.

The ritual, as can be seen in the photos below, sees the bride change her clothes several times. The bright green color is gorgeous, which highlights Sarah El Shimy’s beauty for men and women and above all her stomach. This is a clue Elchimy is pregnant That is why she was going to hastily decide to marry her son.

At the moment, those directly involved have not made any statements in this regard: however, they both appeared radiant and happier than ever at this moment in their lives. The baby will almost certainly arrive by the end of summer.

Sony demo (his real name is Salvatore) He wears a traditional white suit and for love He chose to follow Moroccan traditions.

The Moroccan wedding of Sarah and Sonny, both men and women

Moroccan weddings are absolutely stunning and scenic. The continuous dances and parties and the many changes of dress are just some of the elements that characterize this party. Both religious and folkloric. In the background are decorations made of fine fabrics and bright colors, as well as the famous and typical Moroccan lanterns. The bride and groom enter the scene with I am Mariaa wooden structure supported by the others present at the party.

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