2024 Automotive Incentives for Purchases of Electric, Hybrid and Endothermic Cars: How They Work

2024 Automotive Incentives for Purchases of Electric, Hybrid and Endothermic Cars: How They Work

In 2024, the Italian automotive sector will see the introduction of new government incentives. these Car incentives 2024designed to encourage the purchase of low-emission vehicles, both Endothermic (Diesel, petrol, hybrid) both Electrical and auxiliary componentsIt wants to represent a fundamental step towards more sustainable mobility. However, it must be taken into account that the introduction of these incentives comes after a period of less enthusiasm for electric and electric car incentives, which still do not win the hearts of Italian motorists. It is no coincidence that in 2024 the largest amount of money will be distributed to these less polluting vehicles. This is no coincidence for two reasons: The first is that these incentives were created to encourage the purchase of clean vehicles. The second reason is that it is also the least in demand, and therefore more incentives, or more specifically, incentives, are needed.

2024 More incentives for electric and hybrid cars, but it cannot be otherwise

In fact, these incentives mainly focus on electric and hybrid cars, and are designed specifically for that Stimulate the purchase of vehicles with low environmental impactwith Emissions up to 60 g/km CO2. The main goal is to promote sustainable mobility through a system of incentives divided into different emission ranges, as has already been done in previous years. In 2023, the result of these loans was well known to everyone: the money available for endothermic cars was immediately snapped up, while the money for clean cars made a much greater effort.

However, complaints from motorists risk finding little space or little reliability if we are talking about a catalyst created specifically for the second type of vehicles.

The car incentives for 2024, and perhaps more than those launched in 2023, are part of a government strategy and focus on two main objectives: the first is to renew the rolling car fleet by promoting vehicles with CO2 emissions less than 135 g/kmaccompanied by Getting rid of the most polluting vehiclessuch as those with emissions greater than Euro 4 class. The second goal is Encouraging the production and purchase of electric and hybrid carswith special attention to vehicles that significantly reduce environmental impact.

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Implementation of the 2024 economic bonus and distribution of stimulus funds

Ecobonus for 2024 will apply to everyone Purchase contracts signed between January 1 and December 31, 2024Until available funds are exhausted.

The 2024 auto incentives go into effect on January 1, with dealers allowed to enter Bookings on the Ecobonus platform in the first days of the year. To obtain the incentive, the car must be registered within 180 days of signing the contract. This excludes “zero km” cars or those previously registered abroad.

This incentive is particularly important for i Vehicles with emissions between 61 and 135 g/km of CO2which was allocated to her 120 million euros. It is expected that these funds will be used quickly, given the rapid depletion of funds in 2023, from which approximately 75 thousand buyers.

The total projected budget for automobile incentives in 2024 is 570 million euros. This amount is distributed with the aim of encouraging the purchase of vehicles in different CO2 emission ranges. The distribution of funds reflects a change in strategy, with an increase in funding for less popular broadcasting bands that are difficult to access for the majority of the population, while the most anticipated and in-demand bands suffer from Decrease 30 million. The goal is to encourage Italian families to do so Investing in less polluting carsDespite the economic obstacles.

Car incentives 2024: financial equipment specifications for car types

For 2024, the government expects a total financial allocation of €570 million, a slight decrease compared to the previous year. The distribution of funds follows a detailed scheme based on CO2 emissions from vehicles:

  • Vehicles with emissions 0-20 g/km CO2: 205 million euros, part of which is allocated to car sharing and long-term rental companies.
  • Vehicles with emissions 21-60 g/km CO2: 245 million euros for individuals and companies.
  • Vehicles in the CO2 emissions range 61-135 g/km: 120 million euros, all allocated exclusively to individuals only.
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Car incentives for 2024 in detail

The incentives for 2024 are therefore distributed based on CO2 emissions from vehicles. Let us summarize the previous data, and enrich it in detail, in the following table:

Type of vehicle emissions

Total fund

Distribution of the private fund

Car sharing and long-term rental money distribution

Vehicles with CO2 emissions from 0 to 20 g/km

205 million euros

194.75 million euros

10.25 million euros

Vehicles with emissions 21-60 g/km CO2

245 million euros

232.75 million euros

12.25 million euros

Vehicles with emissions 61-135 g/km CO2

120 million euros

120 million euros


2024 Automotive Incentives vs. 2023 Automotive Incentives: Comparison

In the following table, we will show a kind of comparison between the funds disbursed at the beginning of the year that is about to end and those allocated for the year 2024.

Type of vehicles

Total Fund 2023

Total fund 2024


Vehicles with emissions 0-20 g/km

205 million euros

205 million euros


Vehicles with emissions 21-60 g/km

235 million euros

245 million euros

+10 million euros

Vehicles with emissions 61-135 g/km

150 million euros

120 million euros

-30 million euros

Vehicles with emissions of 61-135 g/km CO2 are at risk of burnout

2024 therefore represents an increase in funds allocated to cars in the first two emission ranges, despite a decrease in demand from Italian motorists. This has sparked controversy, as previous years’ funding for electric and hybrid vehicles remains largely unused. The opposite situation occurs for combustion cars (range 61-135 g/km CO2), As money tends to run out quickly.

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2024 car incentives with and without scrap: how they work

New car purchase incentives vary From 2000 to 5000 eurosdepending on the scope of emissions and the presence of scrapping:

  • Cars with emissions 0-20 g/km: Up to €5,000 with scrapping, €3,000 without a price limit of €35,000 + VAT (€42,700 with VAT).
  • Cars with emissions 21-60 g/km: Up to €4,000 with scrapping, €2,000 without price limit of €45,000 + VAT (€54,900 with VAT).
  • Cars with emissions 61-135 g/km: Only €2,000 with scrapping, maximum price €35,000 + VAT (€42,700 with VAT).

ECOBONUS 2024: Additional funding

In addition to incentives for car purchases, the 2024 Ecobonus program also provides financing Private electric charging stations and residential complexes (40 million euros), Buy electric or thermal motorcycles and scooters (40 million) e Electric commercial vehicles of the N1 and N2 categories (20 million).

Incentives for electric trucks and commercial vehicles

Targeted incentives for electric commercial vehicles Small and medium companies And offer a variable bonus based on the vehicle category, only with Scraping a vehicle of a category less than Euro 4.

Car incentives 2024: obstacles and requirements for access

Anyone who buys a new car with incentives must respect certain restrictions, including:

  • Register the vehicle within 180 days of booking the reward.
  • Prohibiting the vehicle from being transported for a specific period, divided as follows:
    • 12 months for individuals and long term rental.
    • 24 months in case of public car sharing.

Therefore the incentive can only be requested if the vehicle is registered within 180 days of signing the contract.

How to reserve 2024 car incentives

Bookings for the incentives, managed by agents, begin after the official opening of the initiative. Agents register reservations on A Customized platformmanaged before Invitalia. Incentives are valid for purchases made Starting January 1, 2024Regardless of the platform activation date.

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