Berlusconi in Naples: «In Ukraine to work for peace. Fi with NATO and the USA”

Berlusconi in Naples: «In Ukraine to work for peace.  Fi with NATO and the USA”

“In Europe there is the specter of an unprecedented international crisis after the Second World War. I cannot help but share images of Kyiv in horror and pain” and “the pleas of those, and above all Pope Francis, call for an effort to achieve peace.” Thus, the President of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi, spoke at the party conference in Naples after his remarks yesterday caused a stir A commotion and then reset in the evening. Berlusconi reiterated the principles of friendship and loyalty to the United States and NATO after his statements in recent days. “Ukraine is the country that has been attacked and we have to help it defend itself. Forza Italy – and always will be – to On the side of Europe, on the side of NATO, on the side of the West, on the side of the United States.”

Regarding yesterday’s controversy, the former Prime Minister wanted to remove some pebbles from his shoes. Speaking of Atlanticism, I very much appreciate the Atlanticist enthusiasm of the Democratic Party in recent weeks, I just want to remind you that the history of the Italian left has not always been like this. I am not only talking about the fierce opposition of the Communist Party to Italy’s joining NATO, nor its support for the conquest of Hungary: I want to mention, more recently, in the 1980s, the same fierce opposition to the decision. The Kraksi government to install so-called “European missiles” to respond to the threat of Soviet missiles aimed directly at our country.

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For Berlusconi, the real global danger is “communist China”. In the morning it was his Minister Gilmini, with a note, who asked Berlusconi to better explain his position. “Italy – said the Minister of Regional Affairs – cannot be the weak point of the West and above all cannot become one because of the responsibility of Forza Italia. Unfortunately, Berlusconi’s words yesterday do not refute our ambiguity. Today, instead of listening to Putin’s words, it is necessary to listen to the cry of pain in Ukraine, which was raped and oppressed by the invader.” Berlusconi did not mention the words of his minister, but the phrases lived in annoyance by the Fi leader and his entourage.

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