What is it and how to order it

What is it and how to order it

In a period of great difficulty like the one we all go through, help can only make us smile. The latest news in this sense will really help many Italians.

The bonuses, especially in this very difficult period for the Italian economy and beyond, are very important and certainly help tremendously. Most of these are available nationwide. The same “rule” does not apply to everyone, as shown in the taxi bonus, available from June 21 in Milan. The Municipality of Milan has reintroduced this incentive to some of its citizens.

Car Bonus (web source)

About two weeks ago, the main municipality of Lombard announced the activation of this facility that allows people with economic or mobility difficulties to use the public car service to get around in a taxi or a rental car with a driver and cover 100% of the amount of the trip taken by the car. All this, for a maximum of 20 euros, for a total of 200 per voucher issued.

Bonuses, taxis, and what you don’t know: who can order and how to receive them

It may have gone a little quieter due to its “regional” importance, but such legislation is actually very useful and a great idea for people who need it. All residents of Milan over the age of 65, pregnant women, people with illnesses requiring constant care, those with impaired physical mobility, those with established illnesses – temporary or non-temporary – and those undergoing life-saving treatment can use it.

In addition to this list are the people who belong to the families who are most vulnerable to the economic effects of the emergency due to Covid, and in general all the people who suffer from economic hardship, With ISEE equal to or less than 20 thousand eurosThe unemployed or laid off workers.

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Automatic bonus (web source) Jul 3, 2022 quattromania.it
Car Bonus (web source)

But what do you have to do to get the reward? It is necessary to subscribe to the municipal platform that was activated last year. Once you have the confirmation of profile activation, to use the feature, simply show the health card to the taxi driver (who must have joined the initiative).

The latter will enter the tax code in a special mobile application to calculate the discount. Those who are already registered on the platform to get the last reward will have to repeat the process. So far, with Completed over 50,000 trips in less than two weeks, we can say that this facility was a success. Of course, there is still a long way to go to achieve a final positive balance, but for the Milan junta, it is certainly an excellent start.

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