Three Boeings to save Japan from the potato crisis – the world

Three US company Flexport planes loaded with fries are preparing to save McDonald’s in Japan from the French fries shortage caused by the global supply chain crisis caused by the Covid pandemic. Not only that, the Vancouver port from which ships bound for Asia set out was hit by rain and floods in mid-December and all shipments came to a halt. In recent days, a shortage of raw materials has prompted all of the country’s fast food restaurants to ration French fries – as they are called in America – and serve only small portions. Pictures circulating on social media on December 21 showed long lines outside McDonald’s in Tokyo to grab the few remaining medium and large portions.
The company’s CEO Ryan Petersen announced in a tweet, without giving details of the cost of the operation. When asked by Bloomberg McDonald’s, she did not confirm or deny the agreement with Flexport but did confirm that sales of all forms of french fries would resume on December 31. The French fries shortage has not only affected Japan. In New York, the famous JJ Burger restaurant
Melon said last week in an Instagram post that it would halt sales of French fries due to supply chain issues.

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