How much does the TV consume throughout the day?

How much does the TV consume throughout the day?

Invoice prices are at an all-time high, in fact it is necessary to find ways to save on consumption. Precisely for this reason, it is very important to know in detail the consumption of appliances in the house. In the next article, we will see what is the consumption of television used throughout the day.

Nowadays waste electricity It’s one of the worst possible ideas. This is because the price of that energy is too high and the consequences will appear in the bill. Television is one of the most used devices by Italians: How much do you consume if left all day?

We will try to answer this question in the next article.

TV: Here’s how to save

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Let’s start trying to understand If it is possible to save money on using televisions at home. As it is now known, it is more convenient to use an LED TV at the expense of an LCD because this will save 1 € per day, or about 360 € per year.

else savings strategy is to keep the hours of power supply in check because the standby light may seem like a small consumption when we are actually talking about 3 watts per hour, which is 72 watts per day. So it is a good idea to turn off the power when the TV is not in use.

TV: What are the consumptions in operation?

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Let’s see now How much does the TV use when it’s on all day?. Getting an accurate estimate is not easy, but we can still try to make an average considering all those in the market. First of all, we must remember that a An LCD TV consumes much more than just an LED TV.

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for example a LCD screen 32″ which consumes about 90-130 watts against 37″ which can also go up to 150 watts. The potential range of TVs is also very wide: they require a power of at least 50 watts but can also reach up to 600 watts. 0.25 euros per kilowatt-hour The bill is done quickly.

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