Cryptocurrency salaries for young people, the new trend in the United States

Cryptocurrency salaries for young people, the new trend in the United States

Keep your salary credited Bitcoin Or other crypto is still a distant milestone for most workers, although in recent months many US companies have decided to hire employees. Pays in digital currency. To benefit from this exam, junior profiles with a background in technology or the creative field are usually available, and getting paid in cryptocurrencies is the best incentive to work in a particular company.

While these types of choices are interesting, I hide many important issues for the employer and the employee being paid in their digital wallet.

American millennials want to pay in crypto

For decades, companies in the states have focused on the broader offering of corporate benefits Attract younger profiles, Especially the company’s core business is about the technology sector. In the year when digital currencies reached new heights, many American companies decided to play payroll in bitcoin. Ethereum Or other crypto assets will ensure cooperation with the young mind.

Cryptocurrency credits are especially popular with programmers, business accountants, internet marketing experts, graphic designers and other web professionals. However, it cannot be ruled out that even senior employees may be asked to pay in bitcoin for work done in the future. Many experts believe that using digital tokens instead of the dollar would not be advantageoustax evasion, Because both companies and employees are equally required to report tax payments in Fiat currency to tax authorities.

This is a very interesting trend, however there will be payrolls in similar ways Many disadvantages: If an employer makes a mistake in crediting salary in crypto, he cannot block the transaction, or force the employee to repay that amount. In addition, fluctuations in the price of digital currencies can reduce compensation. Finally, there are issues related to the security of workers’ digital wallets that could be compromised by hackers.

Bitcoin salaries for politicians and athletes

In the United States, the idea of ​​paying for crypto attracts some local executives. In November, Tampa’s Democratic Mayor Jane Custer announced the option during an interview. Get your salary in bitcoin, An election then shared by Miami Mayor Francis Suarez and New York Eric Adams. The first citizens of the two metropolitan areas made continuous efforts with the aim of making their respective cities more attractive in the national and international crypto environment.

Two months ago, Odel Beckham, two NFL stars who were the Los Angeles Rams ‘white receiver – and Aaron Rodgers – the Green Bay Packers’ quarterback, signed deals with their respective clubs, according to US sports magazines. Beckham is said to be paid Full seasonal payment in BitcoinAlthough Rodgers wants to get only half of his salary in his digital wallet, the rest will be credited to him in dollars.

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