Laura Freddy in GF VIP instead of SONIA BRUGANELLI / “Revenge? No!” Here’s the truth

Laura Freddy in GF VIP instead of SONIA BRUGANELLI / “Revenge? No!”  Here’s the truth

choose to be Laura Freddy as a columnist in Big Brother VIP 2021 to bet instead of Sonia Bruganelli Is it revenge for Alfonso Signorini after discussing the past weeks? Interested parties responded directly to the rumors. Non è la Rai’s ex-girlfriend, among the stories on her Instagram profile, posted a photo of an article dedicated to the topic, and wrote a caption explaining the situation. “Older brother, Sonia Bruganelli replaced by predecessor to Bonolis: Revenge of Signorini,” is the encouragement of the article shared by Freddy. “But if we decide together,” Laura commented, she denied competing with Bruganelli. Laura Freddi’s story was then also shared by Sonia Bruganelli on her Instagram profile (Updated by Stella Dibenedetto).

Laura Freddy is a columnist for the Big Brother Vip 2021 episode

On the live episode of January 3, 2022 Sonia Bruganelli He will not be present as a commentator during .’s live broadcast Big Brother VIP 2021. His absence is no objection to broadcaster Alfonso Signorini, who has been with him for a while strong discussion during the live show. The columnist won’t be able to be in the studio just because she’s going to be busy with her family for the New Year.

To replace Sonia Bruganelli during a loop Big Brother VIP 2021 January 3 will be Laura FreddyBonolis’ ex-girlfriend, here’s revenge Alfonso Signorini Will serve cool women. During the January 3 episode inside a house Big Brother VIP 2021 Many fluctuations can occur: in addition to a large entrance with my hand can enter the house as well Delia Duran. The news is still waiting to be confirmed even if at the moment the woman will be in isolation to have access to the reality show.

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Sonia Bruganelli has been replaced by Paolo Bonolis

Who knows how he reacted? Sonia Bruganelli In the news of his replacement with Laura Freddy and if he comes back he will try to take revenge on him Alfonso Signorini Or he will pretend that nothing happened. Laura Freddy and Paulo Bonolis They had a long important history between 1990 and 1995 during the production of It’s not my opinion.

The relationship between Laura Freddy and Paulo Bonolis It ended not out of love, as the woman has repeatedly stated in connection with the conclusion of love with the conductor of the orchestra. Who knows if Sonia Bruganelli You will welcome this powerful exchange of emotion with Bonolis or you will respond to provocations Alfonso Signorini.

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