The People's Party is open to pardoning Puigdemont if he shows remorse and rejects unilateralism

The People's Party has shown that it is ready, for the first time, to pardon Carles Puigdemont. Of course, with conditions. The pardon, which will include other pro-independence leaders, will be linked to a commitment He is brought to justice, Show remorse And make sure of that There will be no return to the unilateral path.

After months of opposition to the amnesty law, the popular leadership believes that it is necessary Reconciliation plan in Catalonia. This is where PP sources frame this commitment to amnesty.

“There is no reconciliation if they say they will do it again.”“, said the party's president, Alberto Núñez Viejo, at a meeting on Saturday in Galicia. For the leader of the People's Party, as he pointed out, “the minimum conditions for a pardon, pardon or any other matter” are that there is no impunity and that independence renounces the declaration of independence. The unilateral referendum and “the theft of the basic principles governing the rule of law.”

The same sources admit this They studied Junts' pardon application for 24 hoursBut in talks with the pro-independence formation, they did not lift the amnesty. Figo told Galicia that the PP “took less than 24 hours to say no and completely reject the amnesty.”

In this case, they realize that it will be difficult for judges to end up convicting Puigdemont of terrorism in the Democratic Tsunami case. Al-Shaabi believes that proving that the former president of the state led the protests after he was sentenced to 1-O is complicated, but they point out that I should be able to investigate.

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Figo, with the PP's candidate for the presidency of Chunta, Alfonso Rueda (EFE/Lavandeira jr.)

Puente: “We didn't know that Figo would recognize him so quickly”

From the Socialist Workers' Party, they celebrated the change of position of the Popular Party. Minister of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, Oscar Puentesaid that they knew that time would end up “proving them right”, but they did not know that “Feijóo would soon find out”:

Somar's spokesman in the House of Representatives said, Iñigo Errejóndescribed the People's Party now considering the amnesty as “hypocrisy”, and noted that “the only rule for the people is to rule, no matter what”:

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