ExportUsa is an opportunity for Italian construction companies but joining the Union Tempo is important

Rome, 12 November. (Labitalia) – “In the United States, registration in the union is often mandatory, especially for setting up points of construction, restructuring and business interest. However, to access it, there are a number of rules. It is necessary to establish a proper relationship between theory and practice. You need to have an in-depth knowledge of the organizational model.You must be in the United States to attend businesses and attend district councils.Union.Unwritten rules must be explained and a proper connection must be made between practical theory.What is the way to overcome information asymmetry, what questions to ask, How to ask them and to any speaker “. Following the approval of Biden Management’s investment plan to renovate infrastructure for construction, the sector has the potential to open up oil companies to Italian construction and construction.

To guarantee this type of service, ExportUsa – a consulting firm that supports and builds European companies in the United States – specializes and examines the dynamics and steps to be taken to facilitate entrepreneurs to comply with unions. “Trade unions vary by state and city. New York, for example, has strong unionization. Business points such as shops and supermarkets often have to resort to unions to hire workers when opening or renovating. Finally, European companies operating in the area must be ‘union compliant’. When the work done by companies is unionized, the impact is clear based on the ratings, ”he added.

“A European company registered with the Union – he clarifies – will have the opportunity to involve a section of its employees, while another section will be provided by the unions. Access to US unions includes managing working hours and providing wages. It is necessary to do.

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