Omicron variant, Holland insurance. GB Scientists: Measures or Crisis

Insurance in Oland From today to turn off the Omicron variant. Britain considers ‘Plan C’ With more pressure. In Germany, individual states are calling for stricter measures for foreigners arriving in the country. The wave of coronavirus infections continues to hit the Old Continent and forces governments to flee in order to hide. Particular stress is embodied in the Netherlands, with the lockdown announced by Prime Minister Mark Rutte: from today until January 14, almost all are closed.

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Olanda in lock

“The Netherlands is shutting down again,” Rutte declared. “It’s inevitable because of the fifth wave hitting us with the Omicron variable.” In the country, it will close everything except for essential stores. Supermarkets and pharmacies remain open. For everything else, or almost, the blinds are brought down. Closure of non-essential shops, schools, bars, restaurants and other public events. At home, during visits, only two people can be accommodated. The exception is expected at Christmas and New Year, when there can be 4 guests, and schools will be closed at least until January 9. At the beginning of 2022, decisions on reopening will be made from January 10.

Great Britain, Scholars in the Press

More than 90,000 new cases of coronavirus have been reported in Great Britain, with 23,168 official Omicron cases registered. Alarm in London, where Mayor Sadiq Khan declared a case of “serious accident” after the variant’s rapid spread. Khan said he was “deeply concerned” about the lack of staff in many essential public services, including the health services, police and firefighters, due to the massive increase in casualties.

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A nightmare scenario risks materializing in the country, according to the models developed by scientists. By the end of the month, we could reach 600,000 infections a day, but the worst case scenario rises to 2 million. The hospitalization period every 24 hours can range from 3000 to 10000. The death rate can be 600, but the worst case scenario is 6000. The vaccination campaign takes place with hundreds of thousands of third doses every day but it is not enough to raise the wall in a very short time.

Scientists who have submitted their assessments to the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) believe the government needs reform “Very soon, more stringent measures. The timing of these measures is critical. Delaying until 2022 will significantly reduce the effectiveness of such interventions and reduce the effectiveness in avoiding significant stress on the health system.”

Germany, Gulf requests

German Lander’s health ministers have called for stricter rules for travelers entering Germany. The ministers said in an early decision issued by the German news agency (dpa) that the measures will have to be applied to travelers from countries affected by the Omicron formula.

“Making entrances safer helps prevent this from happening Such a rapid spread of the Omicron . variant“We can’t prevent its spread, we can just slow it down,” Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach told dpa. He added that the longer it takes for Omicron to spread in Germany, the better. A negative molecular test and an antigen test would not be enough.

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