Ukraine, the Counterattack Doesn’t Take Off: New American Help

Ukraine, the Counterattack Doesn’t Take Off: New American Help

The Ukrainian counteroffensive against Russia is progressing more slowly than expected. This was acknowledged by US Undersecretary of Defense Colin Kahl. “It is too early to judge how things will turn out,” he noted then, while talking to reporters at the Pentagon, because, he explained, “they are still searching Russian lines and Russian regions for vulnerabilities.” It was precisely Kiev’s stalemate and difficulties that persuaded US President Joe Biden to agree to sending cluster munitions, which marked a turning point in support for Ukraine.

“A package of timely, widespread and much-needed defense assistance from the United States. We are grateful to the American people and to President Joseph Biden for decisive steps that bring Ukraine closer to victory over the enemy, democracy and victory over the dictatorship,” Zelensky explained. Increasing Ukraine’s defense capabilities will provide new tools for liberating our land and bringing us closer to peace.

In eastern Ukraine, the heart of the war, there have been no major changes in the past few hours. “Fighting continues everywhere without changing positions,” summed up Hanna Malyar, deputy defense minister in Kiev. Russian forces, in particular, reportedly failed to make gains in the Avdiivka, Marinka, Kobyansk, Liman and Svatov regions. Ukrainian soldiers made breakthroughs in the Bakhmut sector and gained “more than a kilometer”. “The enemy is besieged in the city: our forces have made the movements of the Russians very difficult and it is impossible for them to leave while the exchange of artillery continues,” he added.

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