Ukraine, more than 60 km Russian military convoy is advancing towards Kyiv – the world

Ukraine, more than 60 km Russian military convoy is advancing towards Kyiv – the world

The convoy of Russian military vehicles on the outskirts of Kyiv is more than 60 kilometers long, according to new satellite images from Maxar Technologies. CNN reports. The military column consists of armored vehicles, tanks, artillery pieces and other logistic vehicles. The convoy extends from the Antonov air base north of Pribersk.
The White House is closely watching the Russian military convoy, which, according to new satellite images published by Maksar, has reached the outskirts of Kyiv and appears to stretch for about 64 kilometers. CNN reports. Several officials told a US television station that they are concerned not only about the size of the convoy, but also about the increase in violence, civilian casualties and indiscriminate killings in recent days. The Ukrainian capital is a primary military target of Russia’s offensive. In an email, Maxar Technologies explained that the convoy “runs from the area around Antonov Airport (about 25 km from central Kyiv) in the south to Prybirsk in the north. The Russian army is trying to capture Antonov Airport, which has served as the scene of violent clashes since the beginning of the invasion, as It considers it a strategy to occupy the capital.

Negotiations between Ukraine and Russia on the Belarusian border have been completed. Sources in Kyiv said that Russia and Ukraine were planning to hold a “second round” of talks. The delegations returned to their capitals for consultation.

“We have found some points on which common ground can be found,” Russian negotiator Vladimir Medinsky was quoted by the Interfax news agency as saying. TASS quoted the Kremlin as saying that negotiations will continue on the border between Poland and Belarus. According to the Moscow negotiator, the talks will take place “in the next few days.”

However, a message came from Moscow to the European Union that “citizens and entities of the European Union participating in the delivery of lethal weapons” to Ukraine “will be held responsible for any consequences of these actions, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. Which those who took these initiatives did not realize the severity of the consequences.”

Kyiv’s ambassador to the United NationsSergei Kiselcia, to the Security Council that Russia is committing war crimes in Ukraine. He continued, “They are attacking hospitals, mobile rescue teams and ambulances – this is not the work of a country with legitimate security problems. It is the work of a state determined to kill civilians.”

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accused Russia of “war crimes” For its “brutal” bombardment of Kharkiv “a peaceful city, with peaceful residential areas, without military installations.
And the reports of dozens of eyewitnesses prove that it was not stray shots, but the deliberate destruction of people: the Russians know where to shoot. ”

“There will be an international court for this crime, which is a violation of all conventions. No one in the world will forgive you for killing peaceful Ukrainian citizens,” Zelesenki said in a video broadcast on television and social networks.

Phone call to Putin – Macron – In a phone call with French President Emmanuel Macron, Russian President Vladimir Putin today pledged to “stop all attacks on civilians and homes.” It was announced by a source from the Elysee. In the phone call, Putin gave his “consent to keep in touch in the coming days to prevent the situation from deteriorating,” as suggested by Macron. In the phone call, which lasted for an hour and a half, according to Elysee sources, Macron repeated to Putin “the international community’s demand to stop the Russian attack on Ukraine, and reiterated the need for an immediate ceasefire.” In particular, Macron called for an end to the bombing of civilians and homes, the preservation of all civilian infrastructure and the guarantee of main roads, especially south of Kyiv. According to French presidential sources, Putin “confirmed his readiness to abide by these three points.” Macron also called for “respect for international humanitarian law and the protection of the civilian population”, with “the transfer of aid as contained in the resolution that France presents to the UN Security Council.” Finally, Macron suggested to the Russian president “to keep in touch over the next few days to prevent the situation from deteriorating” and “Putin agreed.” Agreement with Ukraine will be possible only after the “disarmament and de-Nazification” of Kyiv, “when it takes a neutral position”, President Putin said in a telephone conversation with Macron, according to reports from the Kremlin, citing TASS. Then Putin added from Demanding international recognition of Crimea as a Russian territory within the terms of ending the conflict in Ukraine, Kremlin reports.

“At this time, we are ruling out a phone call between Biden and Putin,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said, stressing that the administration did not consider it appropriate “to have a conversation with the leader of one country that invades another country.” “This is our position, and others think differently,” he stressed.

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In talks with Russia, Ukraine called for the complete withdrawal of Russian forces from its territory. This was stated by Anton Herashenko, an advisor to the Kyiv Interior Minister, quoting local media. “We are facing a decisive battle and the army is ready,” he added.

And it lasted about six hours in a secret location on the border between Ukraine and Belarus , The first talks between the Moscow and Kiev delegations about the war declared by the Kremlin and updated into a second round with some opening references.. “We have found some points on the basis of which it is possible to establish common ground,” says Russian negotiator Vladimir Medinsky, and, according to him, the new meeting will take place “in the next few days on the border between Poland and Belarus”. Delegations are now returning to their capitals for consultations. Among them, according to the Jerusalem Post, is Roman Abramovich. Ukraine had requested the presence of the Russian billionaire with an Israeli passport. But as the first skirmishes took place around the table set up by the Minsk government, on the phone with French President Macron, Putin dictated his terms for silencing the guns and stopping the tanks’ advance toward Kyiv: neutral Ukraine and recognition of Crimea. as Russian land.

On the other hand, the Elysee stressed the Kremlin’s first commitment to “stop all attacks on civilians and homes” and “to stay in touch in the coming days to prevent the situation from deteriorating.” However, on the ground, according to the Pentagon, Russia does not yet have an air dominance in Ukraine and has so far launched 380 missiles. As if to say that the military situation does not justify surrender at the negotiating table. Especially since international sanctions are beginning to show their effects on the Russian economy.

The Central Bank of Moscow sounds the alarm about “a radical change in the country’s economy”, raising interest rates to 20% “to support the attractiveness of deposits and protect household savings from currency devaluation.” Get to know Governor Elvira Nabiullina. And while the Moscow Stock Exchange is still closed, the shares of the giants of the Russian economy collapse in London: Sberbank lost 74%, Gazprom 51%, Lukoil 62.8%, Rosneft 42.3%, Magnet 74%. The fighting in Ukraine must end now. They are raging all over the country, from air, land and sea. Adequate. “The soldiers must go back to their barracks,” UN Secretary-General Guterres said as he opened the General Assembly at UN Headquarters. Leaders must move toward peace. Civilians must be protected,” he stressed, stressing that the Russian nuclear threat “is a horrific development, and simply unimaginable.” While in Europe “there is a risk of the worst humanitarian and refugee crisis in decades.” Meanwhile, Italy’s Cabinet unanimously approved the decree New with assistance, including military assistance to Ukraine, and with the rules for diversifying energy sources, reopening coal plants if necessary. “In case of emergency” gas rationing is also possible, even if it is not currently required. The text also provides for an increase of 16 thousand new places To welcome refugees from Ukraine.

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Also from Finland, a country bordering Russia, the “historic decision” to arm Ukraine to defend itself from aggression. Thus, international actions against Moscow were strengthened. But they should not go beyond common sense. That is why Downing Street had to run for cover, saying that Boris Johnson’s spokesman expressed himself poorly when he reported the prime minister’s words that Western sanctions were “aimed at bringing down the Putin regime”. “Just a slip,” the clarification after the sensational slip. In addition, the EU’s High Representative for foreign policy, Borrell, made it clear that Ukraine’s immediate accession to the EU is “not on the agenda.”

Special emergency meeting of the United Nations General Assembly on the Russian invasion of Ukraine

United States – The United States suspends the activity of its embassy in Belarus. Russia’s Federal Civil Aviation Authority closed airspace to companies from Italy, Germany, Spain and France, as well as companies from several other European countries as a measure “symmetrical” to European sanctions. The United States is warning Americans against travel to Russia and Belarus following the “unprovoked and unprovoked attack by Russian military forces in Ukraine,” according to the State Department’s website, resulting in a “Level 4 – Do Not Travel” alert.

Ukraine and Borrell: “EU membership is not on the agenda at the moment”

Black Monday in Moscow with the stock market closed

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