The best innovative Catalan wines have 'character'

The best innovative Catalan wines have 'character'

He has one individual project, By the fact of his birth cooperative Nonprofit With the aim of promoting the local development of the Ponent territories through the production of alcoholic beverages and craft wines and the promotion of agroecology and the social and solidarity economy. But in addition, they share a workshop with other agroecological projects in the region.

Trace Cadres was born in 2006 With one recovery The sixth of us Which was the starting point for a range of products where they now also have Ratavia NVA, the spider drink, NeonsAnd wine a personalitythe first organic producer in Catalonia and a great example of a local product: “In Caràcter there are only original and representative plant compounds from Ponent, as well as many other Arbequina olives“, they describe. Wines from the cooperative Oliveira And the label, the work of Lydia Game, explains “the DNA of this The speaker is in essence“.

Personality, Best Innovative Yeast for the 2024 Finari Awards

The product was well received by consumers, as well as by the professional public, who awarded it the award on more than one occasion Best Innovative Yeast for the Finari Awards Of Catalan wines (2022 and 2024 releases). With the advantage of doing so in a completely blind tasting.

“Receiving the award makes us very happy and proud, and most importantly, it continues in several editions,” says Fadevi. Kim PerezResponsible for marketing, marketing and agricultural environmental revitalization of the cooperative. He insists that they are a small project, but that does not prevent them from choosing podiums. “the Our product is a very artisanal productThe Vinares prove that if you make a good product, you can compete with the greats and do it successfully.” “We love that the awards show that craftsmanship can also be rewarded.”

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The truth, as Perez will say, is that it is precisely due to the size of the business.”We need these confessions to make ourselves known And be able to sell more.” Promote the product, but also the entity and its philosophy “to produce products rooted in the region, with values ​​like our cooperative.”

he a personality “It is a very aromatic vintage, with thirty plants, a little bitter, but with a very short bitterness, which invites you to repeat it,” describes the marketing director.It is a clear reflection of the Ponent scene“And, in addition, a product in which something new has been introduced, an innovation, such as the fact that it works, in part, with most of the corrected concentrations, the MCR, instead of sugar. In fact, the ratafia that they recently put on the market already includes 100% of the MCR An innovative wine that, as decided by the Vinari jury, deserves first place in the classification of the 2024 edition of the Catalan Wine Competition, he says. And the consumer is no stranger to it: even The best wine in CataloniaLo Racó del Vermutenc, has already placed an order for them!

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