June 4, 2023

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Revenue Agency, an avalanche of refunds is on the way: Here’s how to get them

Not many Italian taxpayers know about all the expenses deductible from the 730. So, how do you get the flood of refunds up?

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during the tax seasonItalians have a strong hatred for the large amount that is being paid to the state.

Unfortunately, this money is not always returned through assistance programs for those in need.

Compared to Scandinavia, where taxes support the disadvantaged from birth to death, Italians in hardship are often ignored by their government.

Despite this, the Model 730 It allows individuals to recover part of their money through Cold by the Revenue Agency.

Some are curious about the timing and amount of tax refunds. Tax returns are filed annually and these refunds can be used.

However, credit is issued Later To submit a tax return.

If the declaration is made in the months of July to September, the refund will be paid with the first salary close to reimbursement, if the subject matter is a factor.

For retirees, compensation will be paid within two months from the filter. It is important to note that the refund amount varies on a case by case basis and cannot be generalised.

Refunds: different times for pensioners, employees and self-employed

If natural persons decide to submit their own Tax declaration Without enlisting the help of a withholding agent, they will face longer waiting times.

This is because employees have the advantage of a tax withholding agent, which is usually their employer, to make payments to them.

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Pensioners, on the other hand, like INPS blocking agent. The timing of employee bonuses in July is highly dependent on the employer. On the other hand, retirees can expect to receive payments between August and September.

If a person loses his job during the year, the compensation due is paid to him directly by the Revenue Agency.

However, if a family member dies and leaves an inheritance, the heir is not immediately redeemed.

Instead, they must wait until the following year after giving notice via 2023 Form 730 or via RN framework for personal income model.

Although reimbursement amounts can reach even the most important figures, accountants stress the importance of not exaggerating the amounts you make. refund requestExorbitant fines can apply if the expenses are not in fact deductible.

Refundable expenses

The latest version is available on the Agenzia delle Entrate website from the list of expenses Deductible for Model 730.

Many citizens are unaware of many reimbursable expenses and incur expenses throughout the year that can be reimbursed.

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accordingly, CAF and accountants Urge individuals to consult a professional to determine all recoverable expenses.

In addition, it is important to ensure that the documentation provided for these expenses includes traceable payments, and that they are reliable Actual discount or deductible of the amount.

Finally, always pay maximum attention when making purchases during the year and know which ones to expect to get back when you file your tax return.

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