Gaza: Former CIA chief Petraeus’s advice to Israel: “Avoid American mistakes in Iraq and immediately announce a plan for the post-war period.”

Gaza: Former CIA chief Petraeus’s advice to Israel: “Avoid American mistakes in Iraq and immediately announce a plan for the post-war period.”

What exactly is Israel’s plan? Not so with the military offensive now fully underway in the Gaza Strip, the main goal of which, except for the limited news coming from the ground, has become quite clear: to eliminate Hamas, both in its key men and in its most treacherous infrastructure, including rocket launchers and a security system. Advanced underground tunnels. But what is Israel’s plan for the post-conflict period? This is the question that observers, analysts and experts in the political-military community are already asking. If we assume and do not accept that the Jewish state achieved the goal of its military operation, what will it do the next day, when its army now controls the Gaza Strip? What will happen to more than two million Palestinians who live in this narrow strip of land? Unavoidable questions, the answers to which the Israeli government has so far remained shrouded in mystery. One of the most famous US military leaders in recent decades, General and former CIA chief David Petraeus, today thought about trying to fill the void. Connected to Monica Maggioni’s broadcast Within half an hour In an interview with Rai 3, Petraeus put this very topic at the center of his analysis: “If there is one thing that we Americans learned the hard way from the war in Iraq, it is that our plans for post-conflict Baghdad were not good.” “Equally,” said Petraeus, who in 2007 was in charge of the so-called surge to restore order in the Middle Eastern country, which is suffering from constant attacks four years after the American “victory” over Saddam Hussein.

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A clear plan for the Palestinians

“The post-conflict phase is crucial, and I have spoken about it in recent days in public and private conversations with the Israelis. I’m sure there’s someone (in Israel’s high command, Mr. Dr“He has a plan in mind, but it will be necessary to announce it immediately.” To be clear, the former CIA chief said, “It is clear that Israel now needs to ‘cleanse’ all Islamist-infested territory, as we did with ISIS.” But After this work is done, you cannot leave: there must be a vision on how to ensure the livelihood needs of the Palestinians. Here is what must happen, according to Petraeus: “Israel itself must take care of their critical needs after the war, and therefore it must announce now that it will take care of managing Gaza Strip, at least for a period of time immediately after the end of the war. Intervention, and providing for the needs of the population. This is also to “motivate” the residents of the Gaza Strip itself: “The Palestinians must have a vision that encourages them to get out of this situation and liberate themselves from Hamas, which bears responsibility for what is happening with the October 7 massacre.” Specifically, what is needed, agreed the studio’s Monica Maggioni, while also worrying about the absence of a clear horizon for the “beyond”: “The process cannot be successful if there is no long-term idea for the Palestinians.”

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