This is a problem for Biden

This is a problem for Biden

Inflation has also caused the prices of traditionally cheap American meals to rise in the United States: burgers, chips and soda, which can now cost as much as $18, as the New York Post has reported in recent weeks. For the conservative newspaper, this huge increase in fast food prices – 15% more than at the beginning of the Democrat’s term – is always the result of “painful and persistent inflation caused by Biden’s terrible economic policies.”

It is the economic theory that promotes bottom-up economic growth, and on which the Democratic president is instead banking on his re-election, boasting of large direct investments, increases in public spending, and a focus on infrastructure and the energy transition. All this with special attention to the well-being of the middle class and the most disadvantaged.

A campaign the conservative media now intends to rival by saying it is instead the most disadvantaged classes, those who typically frequent fast food restaurants. It’s no coincidence that a post from a boy who was upset a year ago because he paid $16.10 for a combo in Idaho continued to trend on Tik Tok for weeks. “I understand that there is a job crisis, wage increases and other things, but $16? This is crazy,” the boy says in the video, which was written by CNN at the end of November, and is still spreading, only to be re-released by the right. Wing newspapers – in addition to the Washington Post, Newsmax and Reddit – thus risk becoming a “problem for Democrats” and Biden.

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