4 Tips Aspiring Architects Need to Know

4 Tips Aspiring Architects Need to Know

It can be daunting to make the transition from studying architecture into the actual practice of the trade. After all, you’ll likely have to deal with many different unknowns as you become part of the workforce. It’s not uncommon for questions like which firm to join or whether or not you have the knowledge, design prowess, and expertise to tackle a project to come up. But, don’t worry – feelings of self-doubt are expected, especially for such a highly-specialized career. And to help emerging professionals out in this industry, we’ve listed down a few tips that every aspiring architect needs to know to succeed. 

1. Don’t procrastinate

It’s never a good idea to procrastinate, especially if you’re looking to get a jumpstart on your professional career. You’ll only lose valuable time that you’ll need to make up for later on by doing so. So make sure that you put in the necessary hours on your architectural experience program as soon as you can because it’ll enable you to gain not only the essential skills and expertise that the job entails. But also the qualifications and licensure to practice. This is as important as architecture insurance, so don’t treat it lightly.

2. Don’t let yourself get involved with old-guard firms

Any architectural firm must keep itself open to its younger employees’ enthusiasm, energy, and ideas to grow and thrive. For this reason, you must be observant of how the millennials are treated in the office during your interview. While these formal consultations are meant to assess and evaluate the interviewee’s qualifications, it’s not a one-way street. It’s also an opportunity for you to check whether or not you’ll be happy working with the company. And it’s a good sign if the firm you’re interested in joining values emerging professionals. 

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3. Networking is key

Let’s face it: networking is integral in any professional industry. However, it’s even more advantageous for creative trades like architecture, attracting prospective clients, and establishing connections you can turn to for collaborative ventures or support. In other words, it’ll enable you to build rosters of designers, builders, vendors, and suppliers, among many others who can help you grow your career. Therefore, you must always be willing to network. 

4. Stay on top of the latest tech trends

Being at technology’s forefront is vital in any creative field, and architecture is no exception. Beyond making the job much easier and more efficient, it can also make a good impression on potential clients. While it can undoubtedly be a time-consuming and expensive endeavor, it’s an investment that is worth taking due to the massive returns it can potentially yield.


Being an architect can be a lucrative and rewarding career choice. However, achieving success is no small feat. Apart from the complexities of the work involved, it’s also a highly competitive industry. And standing out from the crowd is a task that’s easier said than done. But by following the abovementioned tips, you’ll be able to get ahead of your peers and create more exposure for yourself to attract clients better.

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