AeroVironment will produce PUMA 3 AE UAS for US allies

AeroVironment will produce PUMA 3 AE UAS for US allies

AeroVironment, Inc. The global leader in multi-domain intelligent robotic systems has announced that it has achieved Foreign Military Sales (FMS) from the US Department of Defense at a fixed price, winning a contract totaling $20,868,105 to provide Puma 3 AE Small UAV Systems (SUAS)and initial spare parts packages, training and contractor logistical support (CLS) for two allied nations.

In use for more than a decade, Puma’s UAS has continued to be low-cost, portable, and easy-to-use UAS systems for our customers.‘, announced Stevenson TrackingAnd the Vice President of AeroVironment and General Manager of SUAS Product Line. “With each new generation of the Puma, improvements have been made for more robust flight, durability and operational flexibility, but their purpose is to provide our customers with reliable and ongoing situational awareness, critical force protection and force multiplier capability.“.

Our allies continue to adopt and implement the Puma 3 AE and other AeroVironment systems because they understand the importance of providing their frontline forces with life-saving solutions and increased power.“, he added Stevenson.

Puma 3 AE from AeroVironment Offers important capabilities in all environments. The Puma 3 AE has a wingspan of 9.2 feet (2.8 meters), weighs 15.4 pounds (7 kilograms) and can operate up to 37.2 miles (60 kilometers) with AeroVironment’s Long Radius Tracking Antenna (LRTA).

With multi-tasking capability, operators can easily switch the Puma 3 AE’s payloads quickly, choosing between the Mantis i45 and Enhanced Night variant, the Mantis i45 N. The Puma 3 AE can be manual, bungee, rail or vehicle launched and can be recovered by deep landing, Delivering class-leading capability in harsh environments around the world.

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