Steam, FPS Festival begins: many offers on shooting games

Steam, FPS Festival begins: many offers on shooting games

on steam The day began FBS Festivalwith a lot Offers We offer a wide range of PC shooter games, from classics to the latest products. The initiative will be in effect until April 22 at 7.00 pm.

Among the featured titles stands out Episodes of the Fall seriesHeroes boomed due to the arrival of TV series, leading to new peaks in contemporary gamers. Specifically, there is Fallout 4 for €4.99 And Fallout 76 for €7.99.

Then there are games like the very popular tactical shooter Rainbow Six: Siege is priced at €9.89trending Grand Theft Auto V for €18.70new edition of System Shock for €17.99 The crazy and the disabled Borderlands 3 is priced at €8.99.

Division by types

The Steam FPS Festival page also adopts a subdivision into genres, for example military shooters (but Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, despite being on the list, is not clear), others with a horror theme and those designed for PvE, such as Far Cry 6 is priced at €14.99 or Rainbow Six: Extraction for €9.99.

Of course, there is no shortage of blunders (DOOM Eternal is priced at €13.19 Among multiplayer shooters…), but in general, the list of titles offered in the upgrade is long: you can consult the list by visiting This page.

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