Even when you’re not using it, your computer continues to consume energy: how much it takes out of your pocket

Even when you’re not using it, your computer continues to consume energy: how much it takes out of your pocket

Not everyone is aware of the fact that even when you are not using your computer, it continues to consume power.

Due to the high cost of energy, many families are still living in a rather difficult period Pay attention to every minimum consumptionIncluding electricity.

Consumption of a running computer – Computer-idea.it

They try it Save as much as possible It can be very useful to understand the amount of consumption of different electronic devices along with home appliances, especially at a time when we hear more and more about smart working. In fact, only a portion of companies have chosen to return to in-person work while others continue to work from home. Then too Working with a computer sees the cost of electricity generated This is reflected on the invoice. But in order to save, you must first understand what your habits are and all the costs associated with them.

Daily consumption of a desktop computer

It is not known for sure what Actual consumption of desktop computer When you turn it on because, unlike a laptop, it consists of many devices.

Computer consumption
Computer consumption Computer-idea.it

It is also important to add that consumption varies depending on the model, shape or assembly method. For this reason a global value cannot be used. The only thing for sure is that A desktop computer absorbs more volume than a laptop, Especially if this is used for gaming.

Generally Hourly consumption varies based on how long it stays on Or in standby mode. So, a desktop computer is able to consume:

  • 65-70 watts in standby mode;
  • 250-300 watts when operating at full power.
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These are consumptions that must then be added to those caused by the screen which are higher depending on the size of the screen. According to calculations, a stationary computer It consumes 0.3 kWh Therefore, using the computer for 8 hours of smart work will lead to Consumption 2.4 kW.

Based on the increases in October, we know that each kilowatt costs 0.15791 euros while the price of two hours equals 0.16172 euros. So, based on the fact that the computer is turned on for 8 hours a day every day of the year, the final cost would be around 136 euros every 365 days.
So it is better to say that PC affects Bill A Its value ranges between €90 and €140 throughout the year.

It’s a different matter when it comes to laptop. In fact, this only stays plugged in for the time needed to charge the battery. The charger has a power that does not exceed 60 watts, so when you use the laptop to work for 8 hours a day, Average consumption is 0.48 kW every 24 hours. Even in this case there is a variable as the annual cost of laptops starts from a The minimum is 30 euros and the maximum is 70 euros.

The one thing that might leave everyone speechless is… Standby option. In fact, many find that this mode consumes a lot of energy even if it is Consumption is almost zero. In fact, if you intend to continue leaving the computer turned on, thus trying to avoid excessive consumption, one tip to follow is to put it on standby every time the computer needs to stay turned on even if it is inactive.

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