The new feature that everyone loves

The new feature that everyone loves

Great news for Whatsapp voice messages with a function able to give users maximum freedom: what to work on

Whatsapp does not stop working on improving the messaging application even in terms of voice messages: here is the function that is being tested and why it can be useful and important for users.

The internet is all free

the work he did Whatsapp developers teamwhich from time to time improve the user experience by adding or perfecting functionality to meet the needs of a large and large audience of users.

In fact, many people use it every day instant messaging application, To communicate with friends, relatives and colleagues and exchange text and voice messages, such as multimedia content.

WhatsApp voice messages It has been available for several years now and is definitely one of the best mission Absolutely loved and appreciated, they allow people to sign up on a small scale My voice To send to the recipients, rest your fingers, save time and get started when it is not possible to do so.

Currently, developers are testing a new feature that is capable of Transcribe voice messages for WhatsApp; The latter is available in version iOS beta v2.23.9.70, According to what I reported WABetaInfo, to about.

This is a useful novelty that, if it were to arrive, would allow, for example, to detect the message when it is not possible to listen, for example in a meeting.

Whatsapp voice messages: transcription, how they work and when they can be useful

Transcribe voice messages on Whatsapp Will definitely represent additional equipment for application, Support users who may not be able to listen to Voice notes.

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Think of a person who might be in a meeting, or on a video conference, and at that moment a voice message arrives that cannot be reproduced with the speakerphone engaged, just to name a few.

With transcription, they can tell Message content And if necessary, respond immediately. According to the feedback received from the public testers, the developers will fix any bugs if there are any and should only make the feature available soon. iOS how much android.

These, some details regarding this function, so we just have to wait and see if and when the long-awaited new product will arrive that will offer Whatsapp users more freedom.

Sticking with the popular messaging app, here are some helpful hints for those who use it WhatsApp But who does not know all aspects and possibilities of the application.

First of all, the Secret shortcuts with menu at your fingertips: This is how you can access it. Equally important isSpace management‘, to travel through the memories of the contents and arrange them.

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