“They threw me on the sidewalk, I was scared” – Corriere.it

“They threw me on the sidewalk, I was scared” – Corriere.it
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The 27-year-old YouTuber, influencer, and partner of Fabio Ruvasi stole the mobile phone: “Nothing like this has happened to me, I’m still shivering.” Just a few days ago a shop owner was kicked in the face

“Twenty minutes ago, on my way home after a medical exam, two men attacked me.” The story on Instagram begins like this, fourteen lines to narrate the street robbery: Victim Karen Kokeshi (Karen Rebecca Casiraghi), 27 years old, Veronese by origin, influencer, YouTuber, writerfor several years partner of the actor and singer Fabio Rovazi That these days he’ll be in Los Angeles for work commitments (even if some recent rumors suggest the relationship has ended: those rumors were neither confirmed nor denied by those directly involved).

What happened to Karen Kokeshi?

Theft, then. It’s the evening of Tuesday 31 May (according to what is written on Ig) and the street should be Via Milano, the last known home of the artist-writer. Karen Kokeshi walks, she has to go back to the apartment in the middle, her eyes are on Google Maps: “These two men threw me on the sidewalk and Take the phone out of his hands (I was using it to orient myself). I was terrified. When they got in the car, I didn’t look at the license plate, they were staring at me and I was afraid they’d notice and get out again, this time they might hurt me. Such a thing had never happened to me before, I still shivered. The post on Instagram is accompanied by a photo of the bruises on the legs.

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Francesca Matteucci denounced

A few days ago, a similar complaint arrived, again on social media, from Francesca Mattiucci, 29, store manager at Corso Buenos Aires: In the Instagram post, a photo showed a swollen face after being kicked in the face by a thief who tried to steal some T-shirts. “What happened to me – wrote Matteucci – was the worst experience of my life and it would certainly take me a lifetime to get over what happened.” From shock to solidarity: “I kept telling myself I’m lucky. Because yes, despite the fact that I have fractures in many parts of the body, my face is swollen and I have suffered a serious head injury and more, I am not here to list it, I’m here to be able to thank you all for your closeness and affection Which you showed me while I’m here, to be able to write this post.”

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