They study the impact of nanomaterials on human health

They study the impact of nanomaterials on human health

When we talk about NanomaterialsWe are talking about very small particles, invisible to the human eye but… Their introduction into different materials can change the properties. For example, If applied to plastic it can be more resistant, o al Textile Makes this one a lot More water resistant But little has been studied about what it is and its impact on our health, because They can penetrate the skin I Affects the lungs I Fabrics.

In the Barcelona Science Park, a group of researchers, coordinated by Catalan company LeitatHe prepares a European range a Good practice guide For industry to process nanomaterials safety.

The first effect in vitro

To study the effects of nanoparticles on health, researchers first work from the laboratory. They do Exposing small ants, worms or small crustaceans to these nanoparticles. From the data they extract, they learn how to make it Workers who are exposed to nanoparticles on a large scale do so more safely.

Socorro Vasquez The person responsible for the study points out that “when it comes to…Nanoscale elements This is the main concern. you have More opportunities for them to cross biological barriers And to reach him different members. What we teach is theirs Carcinogenic potential, Chronic respiratory effects s Skin and allergiesAccording to Vasquez, the study shows that Harmful effects speak with High concentrations of nanoparticlesThis is why it is important that workers who are exposed to it work with masks with higher protection FP3, gloves s Expanded Program on Immunization. When this is not possible, you must see to it The working area is surrounded by a hood.

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All knowledge collected in one portal

In the photo below you can see one Silver nanoparticles. If we apply these nanoparticles to a Plastic Which is used in a 3D printing processcan be used to make one splintlike the one in the other picture, with features Bacteriological. The idea is that a patient's injury or wound can be better protected from potential infections.

Silver nanoparticles
A plastic splint containing silver nanoparticles

Litat team of researchers Analyze whether it is safe for human use This information and all the information they collect are placed inAccess to the industry through the SABYNA online portal. “We provide this tool so that companies can know what data they need to know if those materials and the quantities they are working with are safe, and if not, what to do and what recommendations we give them,” Socorro Vazquez points out.

Effect of nanoparticles

now Nanoparticles are used in up to 10,000 products worldwide There are large gaps about potential risks. Nanoparticles They can penetrate the body through the skinthe lungs or digestive system, I Cell and tissue damage. With work being done on PCBs, it is hoped that in the future Europe will be able to legislate on nanoparticles with an understanding of why.

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