June 5, 2023

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They sold a Pezzotto to dozens of customers to watch pay-TV for free throughout Salento: eight under investigation

SALENTO – They resold fake set-top boxes to dozens of customers to watch TV schedules for national pay-TVs without paying the relative fees for TVs: skyAnd DozenAnd Mediaset Infinity; Amazon; Netflix; Mediaset Premium; Eleven sports and even Walt Disney a company In addition to a Telecom (someone else offended). In short, football matches, sporting events and more: even movies, TV series and cartoons. For all ages and budgets.

In Salento, eight have come under investigation as part of a broader investigation launched by the Ministry of Defence Guardia di Finanza of Piacenza And who also discovered a rib in the heel of Italy. In the file coordinated by the Attorney General Maria Consolata MoschettiniNames appear 35 years old from Lychee; to Two 58 years oldits first source sorb The second resident, a Lychee; from U.S 31 years old, from Sorbo; from U.S 61 years old, resident of Elisano; from U.S 27 years old from Alessano; from U.S 44 always reside in Elisano He is also a 40-year-old resident of Lower Salento.

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The investigators assume that there were those who were going to invest the profits in the purchase of four properties and seized 55 thousand euros in cash from the home of one of the suspects. Such is the case of the 35-year-old from Lecce. And on Friday, March 31, the Prosecutor General entrusted the Chancellor Silverio Greco Set a non-recurring technical check to perform a forensic copy of the memory of the seized devices to analyze whether unauthorized activity has been carried out for decryption operations made available to an unlimited number of customers through these devices.

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Two suspects, defended by lawyers Paolo CantelmoAnd Valentina Delana And Marcelo Trentathe engineer was appointed as their advisor Luigina IV. But for Sky Italia, the Eng Antonio Ferrardo. The injured parties are assisted by lawyers Michael BenciniAnd Ludovico MangiarottiAnd Vincenzo Peroni And Lycia Dal Pozo.

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Waiver results must be submitted by June 30.

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