In Miami they crushed Laura Puccini’s CDs in protest. The answer is the textbook

In Miami they crushed Laura Puccini’s CDs in protest.  The answer is the textbook

to me Miami CDs are destroyed by Laura Bussini With a crushed roller. the reason? Certainly, it is not about the music but about an incident a few years ago which, once again, aroused the protest of Cuban exiles who hoisted accusatory banners.Laura Puccini Castro and the Communist”They wanted to hit the Italian singer.

Although very popular in Latin America, Laura Bossini was attacked because she was four years ago (in 2018). They were photographed – in a “very happy” pose, said Miguel Saavedra, a spokesman for the group – along with some members of Cuban counterintelligence, the special forces founded by Fidel Castro in 1959 and which, according to the most critical rumors, would be used by the government to suppress dissent population.

unaware of everything, Laura Pausini, who has sold several records in those countries and who may have satisfied herself to shoot just to maintain good relations with everyone. But his response didn’t take long anyway. To those who ask her for guidance on Instagram, she responds sarcastically. “Ah, so who goes to Cuba feeding the dictatorship? I didn’t know it worked that way. So if you come to Italy, what do you feed? Pizza?”

Due to the uproar caused by those protest photos, a note arrives from Laura Bossini’s press office that explains it better and we quote the full text of it.

press release – * We categorically deny what appeared in some articles that appeared in the past hours, writes the press office. The articles refer to the concert that was held in Cuba in 2018. Laura, guest of the Gente de Zona concert, sang in front of 250 thousand people and it was a real victory. However, it is incomprehensible how a political stance, invented from scratch, could appear on the sidelines of the party, and how today, after 4 years, it has returned to the spotlight of a small group of uninformed. Laura has never been with any dictatorship as she says and how she sings for 30 years and the photos she portrays are like thousands of photos that Laura never refused to ask at public events. **

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