Kim Masferrer, GIF with two women in his life. Special day, what happened

Kim Masferrer, GIF with two women in his life. Special day, what happened

“It’s good to laugh. It’s very therapeutic.”These are the words of one viewer, Marta, who recently went to the theater to see the unmissable show. good people Who walks on Kim Masferrer Across the territory. TV3 presenter and actor, while fans do not have a new round of episodesFrom outsideThe Catalan public gives a fun show, with a good roll that falls, in particular, due to the empathy and synergy that is created between the performer and the audience that goes to see him everywhere. And a large part of the success of Quim and his show is precisely this, that nose Which is created when Masferrer gets on stage and walks among the audience and talks to them. Sometimes, it is enough to sit next to the spectator and make them laugh.

Marta is right. It is wonderful to laugh and it is therapeutic. How we laugh with Quim Masferrer whether in the theater or on television. Although, in addition, he has another virtue: that at the same time as he makes us pee with laughter, he moves us with the life stories he shows us, the people he meets in different cities and that sometimes make us cry with laughter. And the emotion with their stories and life experiences. And what also goes well and is also therapeutic, as Kim knows enough, is to be with people, to surround yourself with your friends. family And live moments with him. And he does that with the least he can. Like now, when a certain date arrived that led to a new encounter with two of the most important women in his life, other than his daughter.

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Kim celebrated it. birthday…but not only for him. The year of Sant Feliu de Buixaleu turned 53 on June 22nd, having extinguished 53 candles. But his day joins that of two other people at the core of the Masferrer and Cabra family: His sister Francina and his mother Paquita. Two women he loves madly and celebrates the passing of years whether they like it or not, at the same time he loves them, and they take advantage of the coincidence of blowing out the candles at the same time, as you can see in this cake. As he himself says “At home, the beginning of summer is synonymous with celebration. Happy Birthday!”.

We join in congratulating all three. Paquita, Francina and Quim are fantastic.

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