Eurovita policies frozen until June, what is happening now and what are the risks

Eurovita policies frozen until June, what is happening now and what are the risks

the Eurovita policies They are frozen until June, and then Insurance company A major in the branch of life that ended up in exceptional management. In fact, the Italian Ministry of Enterprise and Craft has signed a decree to initiate the procedure. immediately afterEvas ((the authority that supervises insurance) appointed Alessandro Santolequido Special commissioner.

There is now a planOS To revive a company that ran into trouble after the European Central Bank raised interest rates. Another element of concern in Italy, given the chaos In the United States and the Old Continent The Silicon Valley bank crisis began, which was followed by near bankruptcy Credit Suisse.

Now lenders seem more sheltered and The European market is quieter. But the situation is still tense All European supervisory bodies are on alert. What happens now with the exceptional management of eurolife? What are the risks for those who have insurance?

Because Eurovita has been commissioned

Alessandro Santolequido has been appointed Commissioner for the Extraordinary Administration of the Eurovita Holding Based on Eurovita Spa. The Chairman of the Board will be a member of the supervisory committees of both companies Antonio BlandiniWith Sandro Panizza and Monica Picari.

The target of the commissioner who arrived after financial difficulties due raise the interest rateis to ensure the orderly development of activities, accompany Eurovita to one market solution, that is, the purchase by other operators. with the Reducing the value of the bonds in the portfoliothe asset index fell below the lowest levels, which put the company in crisis.

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Insurance suspension

Until June 30th they were Suspension of deliveries of insurance and capitalization contracts stipulated. The suspension had already been issued in February, but the deadline for this has been extended.

What are the risks for Eurovita customers

It is covered by Eurovita 353 thousand customers. They are at stake 15.3 billion in assets that related thereafter 400 thousand documents. By extending the suspension by three months, the company will come renovated. The Ministry of Enterprise and Ivass guarantee customer protection.

What the Meloni government evaluates is order process Distribution includes banks and other insurance companies. Generali, Intesa Sanpaolo and Poste They would be ready to step in in a choral way, but everything still needs to be decided. However, Eurovita needs them at least for now 300 million eurosafter the Cinven Fund has already put 100 million euros on the board.

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