They give you a fine of 7500 euros

They give you a fine of 7500 euros

Now the police are looking serious and have decided to step in with various checkpoints and tight controls that can really make many of us cry. It all seems to have something to do with rising fuel prices. What controls are we talking about? Read below to find out more.

Barrier –

If you own diesel engines, keep your eyes peeled, as tight police controls await you that could destabilize you at any moment. How is that?

Fuel Prices: Ridiculous Increases

As most of us know by now Gasoline and diesel They are almost a luxury that not many can afford. Its price seems to have gone up significantly, just think that it has touched now 2 euros per liter h This is something that has never happened before.

But this year, we’ve also gone up to €2.45. So here we are talking about a real problem especially for those who travel miles and miles to go to work, for example.

Let’s take an example representative Available all day and every day. And what about taxi drivers: in short, they are the ones who lose. If we think that the price of diesel has far exceeded the price of gasoline, we know how the situation is Really unsustainable.

Do not be surprised if many of us choose to buy diesel cars and this is not only because of the lower consumption of liters for a certain number of kilometers, but also and above all because of these increasing prices that were instead Very easy to access. Now, however, everything is the opposite of everything. Because?

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Situation turned upside down: why?

Certainly in the center we have the crisis that occurs because of the ongoing war Affect Russia and Ukraine.


Russia has in effect shut down the gas doors: so our methane and LPG cars have shut down in that sense.

Many had to resort to conventional fuels.

This has other consequences: if supply decreases and demand rises, prices can also rise. In our country, if we think about it, there are more diesel cars, not to mention various guesses about them. price increase. In short, we are facing a more than negative scenario and in this particular scenario some controls are taking shape.

Policemen and checking them for car lockers

The police are not there and precisely because they are aware of the fact that there is a wonderfully skilled cunning in order to save on diesel fuel, they decided Do some rigorous checks.


Some, you think, have reached a setting point seed oil As fuel: this is strictly forbidden, which is why in the case of positive evaluation in this sense, severe penalties are envisaged.


Because the law says that we must Pay VAT And other money on car fuel and other means such as gasoline and diesel. However, this was not enough to stop those few who use cooking oil in their diesel cars instead.

For example, it became a lot to use rapeseed oil in your car engine.

But does it really work?

Penalties and fines

Yes, but we must bear in mind that all of this has risks because you risk damaging your car’s engine and the penalties in this regard are really tough.

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Art violates. 40 of Legislative Decree 504 of 1996 means being able to serve six months to three years in prison and being able to have one. Fine Double to ten times the tax evasion of at least 7,500 euros.

That means it’s really risky to take a risk too because it’s really easy to spot these methods: these oils actually emit strong smell And even with a simple examination, you can come to the conclusion that you have sinned badly.

So if you really want to save money, avoid doing these tricks, because the fines can be quite high.

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