Shocking, “Luna Marie is my daughter”, shows the biological mother of the child: she is not Beilin’s daughter

Shocking, “Luna Marie is my daughter”, shows the biological mother of the child: she is not Beilin’s daughter

A few days ago on the Internet, a video began to circulate in which Tatiana Sova, a young twenty-nine-year-old woman from Ukraine, announced that she was the mother of Luna Marie, the daughter of Belen Rodriguez and Antonino Spinalbes. The news is shocking and the video, posted on Tik tok, made the platform tours cause quite a stir.

The theme of the video is Luna Mariethe little girl of only nine months, was born in July last year, the daughter (officially at least!) of Belen Rodriguez and Antonino Spinalbes. The couple broke up over the past few months and Beilin is back in the meantime with her historical love, Stefano Di Martino. Meanwhile, Antonino Spinalbes enters the house of older brother Phoebe while both of them are living their lives This storm broke out on Tik Tok.

Tatiana Sova recorded a video on Tik tok Roughly five minutes in which she basically says that she was the victim of organ theft, and that, by benefiting from an operation to remove some of the prosthetics, they would have stolen the gametes they would then use for assisted reproduction. In the video, Tatiana frankly says: “Belen Rodriguez, Luna Marie may not be your daughter, but mine”.

The video starts with this phrase, straight to the point, and definitely makes such a buzz that it reaches a climax 604100 views In general on Tiktok. Tatiana, as we have said, turned to plastic surgeons for a mastectomy and without any hesitation gave the names and surnames of these people.

the operation which you refer to in 2020 And throughout the story Tatiana accuses these doctors of removing them Without your consent, healthy organs and parts of the body, including eggs and gametes. Later denounced Tatiana The relevant specialists to the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Verona, where the facts occurred. After the operation, Tatiana, with her story continuing in the video, would have done I reached menopause at just 28 years old Thus, she will not be able to have children.

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Belin: Assisted Fertilization

But what does Beilin have to do with all this unpleasant story? It appears, again regarding the woman’s statements in the video, that eggs and gametes removed without her knowledge while she was undergoing surgery, were used by Belén Rodriguez in her path. Assisted Fertilization. This is confirmed by the fact that nine months after the events the girl was born Luna Marie.

Tatiana Sova confirms what she just said by highlighting something else in the same video, the little girl doesn’t look like her parents but instead looks like her when she was a kid. From the color of the skin to the eyes, the features of the little girl cannot be compared with those of Belen or Antonino, and as evidence of this, Tatiana The comparison shows two photos, of him when he was one year old and Luna Marie.

“I am a mother who has been deprived of her children and I am trying to find them so that I can raise them all” This is the most chilling statement from Tatiana who suspects that healthy eggs and gametes may have been used by famous and/or wealthy people, meaning that few Luna Marie probably has brothers and sisters.

At the moment, the public prosecutors in Verona and Ferrara have taken over the case but for now it could have been closed. Tatiana says this choice depends on their intention Protection of organ tradeThis is the reason why the young woman wanted to publish this video, where is the truth in this whole story? It sure feels like it came out of a movie script and one wonders if it hasn’t been tried or if Tatiana isn’t lying. Lie or not, there will definitely be consequencesonly for the fact that the names and surnames mentioned.

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