Mitsubishi places one of its models among the most reliable used cars in the OCU report

Mitsubishi places one of its models among the most reliable used cars in the OCU report

As much as every manufacturer has cars for sale a Spain I for Europe Direct their commercial campaigns that focus on criteria such as design, consumption or price, and the truth is that you know very well that, as indicated by the recent study conducted by consumers and users organisation, The main criterion when choosing a new car is neither design nor price, but reliability.

Of the nearly 30,000 participants who took part in this study conducted in nine countries and with 276 different cars, 39% of participants said that their main criterion when choosing a new car is reliability, some of which are much higher than other criteria such as price, design or consumption. I achieved it.

Reliability in particular is one of the main arguments of Japanese brands in Europe, manufacturers that always end up with very successful results in these studies, and this study from dad It was no exception.

Outlander, a Mitsubishi to consider on the used market

Moreover, the fact that seven of the ten best-rated brands are Japanese brands does nothing more than show the success and good work of Japanese manufacturers when it comes to new cars and used cars.

In case Mitsubishithe Japanese brand finished in ninth place, a position, although far behind other compatriots as it stands Lexus, Toyota, Subaru s Suzukispeaks highly of the manufacturer’s manufacturing.

In fact, it is none other than him A stranger from homea model that is currently no longer for sale in Spain, and which can boast of being the used hybrid model with the best reliability score obtained in this study conducted by the Consumers and Users Organization.

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And so, as with many other models Lexus, Toyota s Hondaamong other things, impact Mitsubishi When their cars are manufactured, it also makes them very interesting options in the long term as long as maintenance is performed as specified by the manufacturers.

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