“They gave her bad advice.”

“They gave her bad advice.”

stock announcement Alicia Marcusi. To remove some pebbles from the shoe Eva Henger. The former model does not have good memories of her experienceFamous Island. “I’ll never do that again — he admits to mics turquoise -. I’m not fit. It was a disaster from start to finish. He was Painful experienceThe same goes for Big Brother VIP: “I wasn’t going to do that. They offered it to me but I’m not interested in reality shows anymore.”

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Also behind some disagreements with some VIPs: “Now at this age I have a different attitude, then people let me down. The hardest thing is living together, everyone wants to be heroes.” Famous people who have disappointed her include Alicia Marcusi: “Let’s say I didn’t feel well, I’ve known her for many years. I was given orders as to how to respond, what to do, but I expected her to do whatever I thought was best. I felt sorry for her.” , they gave it Bad advice“.

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The reference is to the so-called “canna gate”, the scandal that broke out during his engagement at Isola. At that time, Henger charged Frances Monty From smoking weed and attacking the presenter to always talking about it. At that point, Marcusi exclaimed: “You’ve been on all the shows to talk about it from morning to evening and you told me I talk about it a lot? It’s crazy.” From there something changed.

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