“Loredana Lecciso is ready to leave Celino San Marco,” Albano replied

“Loredana Lecciso is ready to leave Celino San Marco,” Albano replied

Loredana Lecciso was able to permanently distance herself from Celino and his family soon. Let’s find out why. Albano’s partner made her small screen debut in the early 2000s, although she’s already taken part in some local radio photoshoots. The debut on the big television network comes after a meeting with the famous singer Cellino San Marco. In 2004 he took part in the filming of the reality show “La Fattoria”, which was broadcast on the Mediaset channel at that time. It wasn’t long before he starred in some hit shows with his sister Raffaella, and in 2010 he joined the cast of the seventh edition of Isola dei Famosi. Also this year, the name Loredana was combined with the reality show for the beaches of Honduras. In fact, it looks like he should be on the show that Elari Blasey is hosting with her daughter Jasmine. However, it seems that Lecciso decided to reject the proposal, possibly because these transfers require a significant psychological and physical commitment. Loredana was last seen on a TV show in 2017.

That year, in fact, Showgirls did a show called “Women know” On the frequencies of Radionorba Tv channel with Rita Dalla Chiesa and Monica Sita. The following season, she transitioned into acting in a drama show called “The Last Words of Christ”, which included her debut as an actress. It has been many years since Lecciso began her romance with Albano. From the latter he also had two children, Jasmine and Albano Jr (nicknamed Bedo). However, the 49-year-old from Lecce became a mother before she met the Bolian artist, having given birth to her first child with ex-husband Fabio Catato Brigitta. In fact, he may be back on TV soon. Weeks ago, there were rumors that he would be appearing in the cast in the upcoming version of “La Talpa”. This is another reality show that hasn’t been broadcast since 2008. Karina Casella won the last episode ahead of Clemente Russo and Melita Toniolo.

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The TV program anticipates the participation of a group of competitors, usually VIPs or in any case well-known personalities from the world of entertainment, called “suspects”. Between them is a mole. A mole is a kind of “saboteur” of the game who will be able to perform any kind of action in order to put the rest of the participants in a difficult situation. The task of finding her is entrusted to both the public and the accused themselves. The audience, through television, determines the order of the suspects: the person with the most votes must face a test of disqualification or cross-examination. The group instead makes its own nominations. For Lecciso, this is undoubtedly a great opportunity to return to the world of television, but it must be emphasized that this participation, at the moment, has not yet been fully confirmed, and that it still stands at the moment in terms of rumors and rumors.

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