“I want Alicia, I don’t know about her.” Filippo Bisiglia is suspicious

“I want Alicia, I don’t know about her.”  Filippo Bisiglia is suspicious

Alessia Bottle and Davide Rosati are one of the couples in crisis who get caught up in Temptation Island to try and solve their problems. However, the result was that in the second episode aired on Monday 3 July, it prompted David to demand a bonfire in an immediate confrontation.

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Instant fire

“I sincerely hope that we shall not meet again so that we shall not lose the last shred of dignity that I have left, and avoid melting in the sun, and avoid looking at you like a madman, like a madman wants you.”

The journalists’ song “Completamente”, which was the backdrop for David and Alicia’s story and which the Temptation Island team chose as a soundtrack, tells the couple’s love situation in a simple and immediate way. But let’s go in order.

David and Alicia have been together for 11 years. Alessia writes to Temptation Island because, after having a relationship of about two years with someone much older than her and after being discovered by her boyfriend David, she has done everything to win him back but, according to her, to no avail.

David hid from Alicia that he knew about this story for a year and a half. He decides to take part in the program to see if he can forgive Alicia and, above all, forget what happened to him.

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the decision

However, in these first two episodes of Temptation Island, Davide sees no change in Alessia who in the meantime deepens her acquaintance with one of the singles «It is she who provokes him, and here the roles are reversed. She did not come here to make me understand that she had changed. If she can’t help provoking another person in front of the whole of Italy, imagine what she can do when the cameras are not there.”

In his friends’ latest fire, Davide made a drastic decision after watching the video that Filippo Bisiglia showed him. “I will not deny you that I have a lot of melancholy these days, my thoughts have always turned to Alicia – explains David – I am in love with her in spite of everything, but I am annoyed by the blackness because I see that she does not give me the answers that he wanted to give me so much and then I say “what What the hell do you want?” And I want to tell him now with immediate confrontation fire.”

Both Filippo and her friends don’t believe them, but Davide doesn’t come back “I understand what I want, I want her, now it’s up to her to understand what she wants, if she wants to be with this new one, I’ll go outside and make my own life.”

To find out if Alicia will accept the fire of confrontation, we’ll have to wait for the next episode.

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