Amadeus, the new “flame” is too young and it drives everyone crazy: who knows what his son will think

Amadeus, the new “flame” is too young and it drives everyone crazy: who knows what his son will think
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Amadeus made his choice: the conductor bet everything on the young and attractive lover of Maria de Felipe.

Amadeus Preparing to face the new edition of the Sanremo Festival, both in the guise of host and artistic director of the festival.

The star actor gave a new luster to the Rai singing competition, where in 2022 he received an average 58% shareand dedicating the 72nd edition of the event as the most followed since 1997.

the wife Giovanna Civitello and her son, Jose Alberto They have witnessed Mosul’s exploits in the front row, and will also support him during the 2024 edition. Amadeus had already expressed his preference for future co-host: She is a singer-songwriter who is very much loved by the Italian public.

Amadeus’ new apprentice can only be Annalisaartistically born at “Amici” Studios in 2011, has already been shown to a huge audience on national live coverage.

Amadeus chose Annalisa for Sanremo

Weekly “Vero TV” predicted: “We’ve come to find out (Annalisa, ed.) At the forefront of a very important commitment on television. That would be a really important role. It seems that Amadeus Desire among the first women in the next edition of the San Remo Festival. As was the case last year with Chiara Ferragni“.

Chi and Vanity Fair agree:I am not sure of the senior management of Rai, nor of the technical director, but Just a guess based on the rampant success the singer is enjoying. Debut single Bellissima, previewed live on the digital cover of Vanity Fair, became the hit of the summer, and she herself has spoken of living, if not rebirth, then at least A new chapter in his personal and professional life. The idea has already intrigued the fans, intrigued the press, also because the machine of the next version is already working, and it seems that the surprises are just around the corner.“.

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Annalisa – (web resource)

Annalisa breaks the silence at San Remo 2024

The singer recently revealed to “La Repubblica”:If I’m in Sanremo 2024, will I go there as a co-host or co-host with a view to Eurovision? So, instinctively I will choose competition, the stage for me is where I sing. However, coming to think of it, the other occasion would be, not to quote myself, “beautiful”…“.

So it could support Annalisa Amadeus in the next edition of the event, except for relapses and new entries at the last minute … The singer, returning from Sanremo 2021, caused a lot of discussion because of the cover of her album “Nuda 10”, in which she seemed only covered with a silver plate. Determined to reassert her artistic independence, she stated: “SIt is only when you free yourself from the superstructures that you are truly free to do what you want. That is why the circle must close like this: with me naked. From the series: Do what I want, whether you like it or not!“.

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