Milan, Maldini and Massara will not be replaced: Cardinale more present, Forlani market

Milan, Maldini and Massara will not be replaced: Cardinale more present, Forlani market

How do club structures change after dt and ds farewell: RedBird will be Milan’s number one more often, more defining weight for Moncada’s chief scout

Treatable absences or an abyss? Only time will tell. In the meantime, one can try to imagine what Milan would be like without Maldini and Massara, or without those who are pillars of the technical field. Almost a couple ipso facto, who have learned to know and appreciate each other month after month, alone the last contract renewal – end of June 2022 – certainly suffered. It is clear that a club that loses its technical director and sports director in one fell swoop faces a complex scenario, due to the absence of two basic points of reference from a sporting point of view. Anyone who knows Cardinale confirms that he is not a person who makes “daring” decisions and that he thinks a lot before making the most important choices.


So let’s imagine that number one at RedBird, when it decided not to continue with Paolo and Ricky, already had the resulting company structure quite clearly in mind. From which he begins directly, or rather the greater centralization of his personality in the dynamics of the Rossoneri world. And not because Cardinale has so far not been central: he necessarily ranks first in the fund and is the club’s largest shareholder. No, here we are talking about physical existence. The same thing that has so far raised some bewilderment and more than criticism for those fans who would like the property to be more present in the area. There it is: it will happen. Cardinale will come to Milan more often and will personally deal with more issues. As for replacing Maldini and Masara, well… they won’t be replaced. Not strictly speaking. Simply put: the new dt will not arrive, and the new ds will replace the old one. The replacement will be more orderly. We can define it as “conceptual”, that is, the division of duties among those who are already there. At least, it will be so in the early days.

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This means that market dynamics will report in all respects to the CEO. Forlani, just as the current chief scout Moncada, a figure highly regarded by the owners, will also gain more weight in decisions. Greater use of databases and certain Moneyball-style dynamics can also be imagined: data, algorithms, statistics, which worked so well at Toulouse and which are clearly not replicable in those terms at a club like Milan. which have different goals and needs. But it is reasonable to expect a larger footprint in this sense. Regarding the prospectus for players, the philosophy will not change: basically under the age of 25, players who can guarantee a good resale key, play modern and European football. Then, as the experience of recent years has taught us, the presence of some senators is still necessary.

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