Heart attacks in young people: Are they becoming more frequent, and are they more dangerous than in older people?

Heart attacks in young people: Are they becoming more frequent, and are they more dangerous than in older people?

Heart attacks in young people: Are they becoming more frequent, and are they more dangerous than in older people?Drafting

Myocardial infarction is the most dangerous manifestation that a person can develop Ischemic heart diseasethe disease caused by A Narrowing of the arteries that carry blood to the heart. In the case of a heart attack, a lack of blood supply causes Cell death in an area of ​​the heart muscle. In most cases, the cause of narrowing of the arteries is the accumulation of cholesterol and other things Inflammatory material in the artery wall.

Some studies seem to indicate an increased frequency of heart attacks People under 45 years of age, although it is not easy to define. It is very reasonable to be concerned about the risk of this type of heart disease in young people, and to ask questions about this topic. Some of the greatest experts in cardiology, featured on prestigious lists of renowned physicians and surgeons such as those produced annually by Forbes, respond.

Have heart attack rates increased among young people?

the doctor Borja Ibanezinterventional cardiologist at Fundació Jiménez Díaz University Hospital, Scientific Director of the National Center for Cardiovascular Research (CNIC) and Group Leader of the Biomedical Research Center in the Cardiovascular Diseases Network (Cibercv), believes, in general, It was not possible to increase the infection rate. One of the reasons it's so difficult to pinpoint a definitive answer is that, he explains The sensitivity of detecting heart attacks has increased significantly. In other words, less severe heart attacks, which would previously have gone unnoticed due to the lack of tools to diagnose them, are now being detected.

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However, he makes a very important nuance: “Yes There was a rise When the presence of certain materials is confirmed, for example Toxic (Cocaine, marijuana, etc.) That Yes, it is linked to the development of heart attacks“The diagnosis of heart attacks has increased with increased consumption of these substances, but is generally fairly stable.”

What are the most common heart diseases among young people?

The doctor sheds light on this topic Antonio Perruezdirector of the Department of Arrhythmia and Research at Quirónsalud Tecnon Heart Institute, who has led the Ventricular Arrhythmia Unit at Hospital Clínic de Barcelona for 15 years.

In his opinion, and based on his experience, heart disease appears early in life They are usually those that have a genetic component. For example, blood cholesterol levels can be high for some Rare cases– It must have a genetic cause and family aggregation.

However, Dr. Peroiso is very clear that “the most important risk factors are Myocardial infarction in young people causes obesitySedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits High cholesterol numbers are linkedIn addition to other risk factors such as high blood pressure and smoking.”

Is a heart attack more dangerous in young people? Is it treated in the same way as the elderly?

Dr. Ibanez answers this question clearly, in general, There is no reason for it to be more dangerous. In reality, The prognosis should be betterwith a low mortality rate, as there is Fewer comorbidities than in the elderly. This means that matching a heart attack with another disease is unlikely to complicate the diagnosis.

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But on the other hand, he warns that “it is very important to emphasize that a young man who has had a heart attack needs to study very well.” What are the causes and risk factors Because if these factors are not controlled and the patient does not follow the medication well, he may have High probability of problems in the futureEven the death rate is high.” It is clear that under no circumstances should a heart attack be taken seriously.

Regarding treatment, Dr. Perozzo explains this Independent of the patient's age. What should be taken into account is that older patients generally have, as mentioned, a worse acute prognosis. This means that special therapeutic measures must be taken to address the complications that arise in each case

Controlling risk factors is vital

Both doctors have highlighted what's great The importance of risk factors. Some factors that contribute to heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases, such as high cholesterol, stress, or glucose, often cannot be controlled at a young age and can cause problems in young patients. There are other factors involved Our habitsequally important, as Sedentary lifestyle and smoking.

Dr. Borja Ibáñez recommends controlling these factors starting at age 20, once you enter your third decade of life. While promoting healthy habits, such as exercising. This is crucial, because “it is known that these risk factors, which ultimately lead to heart attacks, affect younger people much more than older people.”

Maybe attendance For one or more of these risk factors In young people it will not cause short-term myocardial infarction. But many heart attack episodes in older people are a result of it Exposure to risks since childhood; That is, people who may not have symptoms, but whose arteries have been damaged for years.

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