February 5, 2023

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The stumbling block for science and culture was born

Rome, January 15 – Research institutions and Jews together for a stumbling block for science and culture. A year after the birth of the web platform “Pagina della Memoria” and in view of the commemoration day of January 27, a collaboration was formalized for the collection and publication of documents and testimonies related to the impact of the Nazi-Fascist racial laws. Expand in the Italian scientific and academic community. Through the agreement signed on January 10, 2023, INGV, CNR, Accademia dei Lincei and INAPP will collaborate, together with UCEI and CER, with the aim of determining the impact of the so-called “ethnic issue laws” on science and the Italian academic community. The collaboration will implement the “Pagina della memoria” platform inaugurated by INGV last January 2022, specifically with the aim of studying, collecting and publishing testimonies and documents related to citizens of the Jewish faith and/or Jewish origin, who have been demobilized, exempted, expelled or removed from research institutions, universities and academies Italian. Through joint initiatives, the institutions will promote documentary, historical and bibliographic research, as well as the realization of cultural, scholarly and publishing events in order to underscore the dramatic impact of that set of legislative provisions, starting with Royal Decree Law No. 880 of April 19, 1937, then called the “Racial Laws.”